Canal Street SW 9523 Paint Color by Sherwin Williams

Exploring the Depths of This Unique Hue

SW 9523 Canal Street is a unique shade that has caught the attention of homeowners and interior designers alike for its versatility and beautiful undertone. This color is a fantastic choice for those looking to give their space a fresh, modern update without going too bold.

In the article, we’ll explore why Canal Street stands out among other colors and how it can transform any room in your home. From the living room to the bedroom, and even the kitchen, we’ll cover suggestions on how to incorporate this shade seamlessly into your decor.

Additionally, we’ll provide tips on color combinations and accessories that go well with SW 9523, ensuring you have all the information needed to refresh your space with confidence.

Whether you’re a seasoned decorator or looking to start your first home makeover, this article will be your guide to making the most out of SW 9523 Canal Street.

Canal Street SW 9523 Paint Color by Sherwin Williams
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What Color Is Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams?

Canal Street is a unique color that offers a vibrant and fresh perspective to any space. This particular shade by Sherwin Williams strikes a lovely balance between an earthy green and a soft, muted tone, making it incredibly versatile for various interior styles.

It’s a color that brings a sense of tranquility and freshness, reminiscent of the natural serenity found in outdoor landscapes.

This color works exceptionally well in modern and contemporary interiors, as well as in Scandinavian and minimalistic designs. Its subtlety allows it to blend seamlessly with clean lines and simple forms, enhancing spaces without overwhelming them.

Canal Street can also introduce a dynamic contrast when paired with rustic or industrial elements, adding a touch of softness to otherwise hard textures and materials.

In terms of materials and textures, Canal Street pairs beautifully with natural wood, from light scandi-inspired birch to richer walnut tones, highlighting the warmth of the wood. It also works well with metals; think brushed nickel or soft brass for a touch of elegance.

For textiles, linen and cotton fabrics in neutral colors complement Canal Street, creating a cohesive and inviting space.

Incorporating this color through accessories or wall paint can rejuvenate a room, making it feel more connected to the natural world.


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Is Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams Warm or Cool color?

Canal Street (SW 9523) by Sherwin Williams is a beautiful shade of green that carries a sense of calm and elegance into any space.

This particular color has a unique ability to blend with various home styles, making it versatile for different rooms and decorations.

Whether you’re painting a bedroom, living room, or even a kitchen, Canal Street can add a touch of nature and freshness, thanks to its subtle, soothing tone.

What’s great about this color is how it interacts with light. In well-lit areas, it can appear more vibrant and lively, bringing a burst of energy into the room. In spaces with less natural light, it can create a cozy and serene atmosphere, perfect for unwinding after a long day.

This adaptability makes it an excellent choice for anyone looking to refresh their space without committing to a loud or overpowering color.

Furthermore, Canal Street pairs wonderfully with neutral shades, wood finishes, and even metallic accents, providing a broad canvas for decorating and styling.

Its earthy vibe promotes a sense of balance and harmony in homes, making rooms feel more welcoming and lived-in.

Whether you’re going for a modern minimalist look or a more traditional decor style, Canal Street can support your vision and elevate your home’s aesthetic.

Undertones of Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams

When looking at a paint color like Canal Street, what you might first notice is its primary appearance. However, what truly shapes our perception of this color are its subtle undertones.

In this case, we find hints of pale pink and mint, which add depth and complexity to the overall hue.

Undertones are like the hidden ingredients in a recipe that can change how the main flavor comes across. For a color, these undertones can alter its warmth, coolness, and how it interacts with different lights and surrounding colors.

In interior walls, the impact of these undertones becomes quite noticeable.

The pale pink element adds a soft, warm touch to spaces, contributing to a welcoming and comforting atmosphere. It’s like having a faint blush on the walls, giving rooms a gentle embrace without overwhelming them with color.

On the other hand, the mint undertone introduces a refreshing vibe, subtly balancing the warmth of pink with a hint of cool freshness. This blend can make a room feel more spacious and airy, especially under natural light.

The interaction between the pale pink and mint undertones in Canal Street means the color can shift in perception based on lighting conditions and the colors used around it.

In bright sunlight, the mint might become more pronounced, offering a crisp and vibrant feel.

Meanwhile, under softer, artificial light, the pale pink might dominate, creating a cozy and inviting space.

This dynamic quality makes Canal Street especially versatile for interior walls, allowing the hue to adapt and morph throughout the day, perfectly complementing a variety of decors and moods.


What is the Masstone of the Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams?

Canal StreetSW 9523 by Sherwin Williams has a masstone that’s very close to what many think of as classic grey (#808080). This shade of grey is particularly interesting because it’s so versatile; it can work wonders in homes by creating a calm and collected atmosphere.

Since the grey is not too dark or too light, it sits perfectly in the middle, making spaces feel more spacious and open without feeling too cold or impersonal.

This color is great for almost any room in the house. In living rooms, it sets a neutral backdrop that can match with almost any furniture color, from bold blues to soft beiges. In bedrooms, it brings a soothing vibe, making it easier to relax.

It’s also ideal for offices or study rooms, where you need a serene environment that helps in focusing. Plus, being a neutral color, it’s fantastic for those looking to update their space without overwhelming it with a strong color.

This grey can easily be paired with both warm and cool tones, allowing for a wide range of decor options.


How Does Lighting Affect Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams?

Lighting plays a crucial role in how we perceive colors in our environment. The same paint color can look different throughout the day or in various types of light.

The specific lighting conditions can either make a color appear brighter and more vibrant or more subdued and muted.

Taking a color like Canal Street by Sherwin Williams as an example, let’s explore how it reacts under different lighting conditions. This color is a unique shade that can shift in appearance depending on the light source.

In artificial light, such as from LED bulbs or fluorescent lights, Canal Street might appear slightly different from how it looks in natural daylight.

Under warm, artificial lighting, this color could look more cozy and inviting, potentially bringing out warmer undertones. Meanwhile, cool artificial light might make it look sharper and more vibrant, emphasizing any cooler undertones.

In natural light, the appearance of Canal Street can vary depending on the direction the room faces. In north-faced rooms, which often receive less direct sunlight, this color might appear more muted and subtle.

The cooler, indirect light can enhance the sophistication of the shade but might also make the color seem slightly darker.

South-faced rooms bask in abundant sunlight for most of the day, making Canal Street look brighter and more vivid.

The natural warmth of the sunlight can bring out any warm undertones, making the space feel welcoming and energetic.

East-faced rooms get plenty of sunlight in the morning, making this color appear softer and more luminous during this time. As the day progresses and the natural light diminishes, the color could adopt a more subdued tone.

Lastly, west-faced rooms receive intense evening light. This can make Canal Street glow warmly in the evenings but appear cooler and more restrained in the morning light.

Overall, the interaction between Canal Street and light is a beautiful demonstration of how lighting conditions can transform the perception of color, affecting mood and ambiance in a space.


What is the LRV of Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams?

LRV stands for Light Reflectance Value, which is a measurement used to indicate the amount of light a paint color reflects from or absorbs into a surface.

This value is measured on a scale from 0 to 100, with 0 being the darkest black, absorbing all light, and 100 being the brightest white, reflecting all light.

The LRV helps in choosing paint colors by predicting how light or dark a color will look on your walls and how much it will affect the room’s ambiance.

For example, lighter colors make a room feel more open and airy because they reflect more light, while darker colors create a cozier and more intimate atmosphere by absorbing light.

With an LRV of 28.757, Canal Street by Sherwin Williams is on the darker side of the scale, meaning it absorbs more light than it reflects.

This could make a room painted in this color appear smaller, more enclosed, or intimate, depending on the lighting conditions.

It’s an important consideration for your decorating plans because this kind of deep color can dramatically alter the perception of space and light in a room.

Rooms with plenty of natural light can handle darker colors like this one better, as the light helps to balance the darkness of the paint.

However, in spaces without much natural light, using a color with this LRV might make the room feel even darker, so it’s crucial to consider the room’s lighting before deciding.


LRV – what does it mean? Read This Before Finding Your Perfect Paint Color

What are the Trim colors of Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams?

Trim colors are essential elements in the world of interior and exterior painting, serving as defining accents that highlight and complement the primary colors used on walls or exteriors.

For a color like Canal Street by Sherwin Williams, choosing the right trim color can significantly influence the overall look and feel of a space, creating contrast, depth, or harmony.

Trim colors are particularly important because they frame the architectural details of a room or a house, like door frames, window sills, and baseboards, providing crisp lines that define and refine the space.

They can subtly elevate the aesthetic appeal without overwhelming the primary color, making choices like Shoji White and Eider White ideal for working with a color as distinctive as Canal Street.

Shoji White SW 7042 is a soft, warm white with a slight undertone that provides a gentle contrast, making it a perfect candidate for trim when used with richer, more robust colors.

It has the versatility to blend smoothly, yet can gently highlight Canal Street’s depth, ensuring that the space feels interconnected and thoughtfully designed.

On the other hand, Eider White SW 7014 carries a cooler hue, offering a slighter sharper contrast against warmer tones, providing a crisp, refreshing boundary that can make Canal Street pop beautifully.

This cooler white can subtly draw attention to the details in a room’s architecture, adding a layer of sophistication and visual interest that enriches the space’s overall aesthetic.

You can see recommended paint colors below:


Colors Similar to Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams

Similar colors play a crucial role in creating a harmonious and visually appealing space. They have the power to set a mood, enhance the aesthetic appeal, and bring a sense of coherence to a room.

By opting for shades that share a common base or undertone, designers and homeowners can craft spaces that feel intentionally designed and unified.

For instance, colors in the vicinity of Canal Street by Sherwin Williams work beautifully together owing to their complementary tones and shared subtleties.

Quarry Stone has a robust, earthy presence that can ground a space with its stability and strength, making it a superb choice for areas that benefit from a touch of refined ruggedness.

Featherstone, on the other hand, offers a lighter, airier feel, perfect for spaces seeking a breath of fresh air while maintaining warmth. Zeus brings a darker, more intense energy, ideal for creating focal points or accentuating architectural features.

Bunglehouse Gray veers into a unique blend of gray with subtle blue undertones, providing a serene backdrop for both vibrant and muted decor.

Green Earth introduces a subdued, natural feel, reminiscent of the calming aspects of nature, ideal for spaces aiming for an organic touch.

Cornwall Slate has a deeply rich hue that exudes sophistication, perfect for an elegant, slightly dramatic effect. At Ease Soldier is a soft, inviting green-gray that can make rooms more soothing and welcoming.

Studio Clay goes back to earth with its grounded, almost raw quality, which can add depth and interest. Honed Soapstone, with its luxurious matte finish, offers a hint of understated elegance.

Lastly, Felted Wool wraps up the collection with its cozy, enveloping warmth, making it perfect for creating snug, inviting spaces.

Overall, these colors, while individually unique, share an inherent connection that allows them to work together seamlessly, whether in complement or contrast, offering endless possibilities for creating tailored spaces that reflect personal style and coherence.

You can see recommended paint colors below:


How to Use Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams In Your Home?

Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams is a unique paint color that can bring a fresh and inviting feel to any room in your home.

Its calming and subtle hue works great in spaces where you want to create a relaxing atmosphere, such as bedrooms or bathrooms.

This color pairs well with both light and dark furniture, making it a versatile choice for decorating.

One way to use Canal Street in your home is by applying it to the walls of a small room to make the space feel larger and brighter.

It’s also a great option for a feature wall, adding a touch of sophistication without overwhelming the room with too much color. If you’re aiming for a modern and chic look, you can contrast Canal Street with crisp white trim or baseboards.

This color can also breathe life into old furniture or cabinets with a fresh coat, transforming them into eye-catching pieces. Overall, Canal Street is a fantastic choice for anyone looking to refresh their home with a modern yet timeless color.

Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams vs Green Earth SW 7748 by Sherwin Williams

The Canal Street color is a unique shade that leans more towards a fresh and lively green, giving off a vibrant yet soothing feel to any space. Its brightness brings a dash of energy, perfect for spaces that aim for a cheerful atmosphere.

On the other hand, Green Earth is a deeper, more grounded shade of green. This color has a natural, earthy vibe that can make a room feel more cozy and connected to the outdoors.

While Canal Street pops with vitality and can liven up a space, Green Earth offers a sense of calm and stability, ideal for creating a serene retreat.

Both colors offer different moods and atmospheres: Canal Street for a more dynamic and uplifting ambiance, and Green Earth for a relaxed and natural setting. Choosing between them depends on what feeling you want to evoke in your space.

You can see recommended paint color below:


Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams vs Featherstone SW 9518 by Sherwin Williams

Canal Street and Featherstone, both from Sherwin Williams, offer unique vibes for any space. Starting with Canal Street, it leans towards a deeper, more grounded tone.

It’s like the strong base of a tree, giving a room a sense of stability and richness. Imagine it adding a cozy layer to a study or a living room, making the space feel more inviting and warm.

On the other hand, Featherstone steps in with a lighter, airier feel. It’s the gentle touch of morning light through a window, bringing freshness and openness to a room.

It’s perfect for making small spaces appear larger and more breathable. Where Canal Street brings depth, Featherstone introduces lightness, making it great for bedrooms, bathrooms, or anywhere you want a sense of peace and calm.

When comparing the two, it boils down to what vibe you’re going for: the deep, comforting embrace of Canal Street or the fresh, open airiness of Featherstone.

You can see recommended paint color below:


Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams vs Felted Wool SW 9171 by Sherwin Williams

Canal Street and Felted Wool by Sherwin Williams are two distinct colors. Canal Street is a unique color that has a fresh, vibrant feel to it. It’s like looking at a lively cityscape, bringing a sense of energy and modernity wherever it’s used.

On the other hand, Felted Wool offers a softer, more comforting presence. This color mimics the cozy warmth of wool, making spaces feel snug and welcoming. It’s perfect for creating a peaceful, serene environment.

While Canal Street adds a splash of boldness with its dynamic tone, Felted Wool pulls in a gentler, more muted vibe.

They both have their unique charm, with Canal Street leaning towards a more contemporary, upbeat look and Felted Wool favoring a classic, understated elegance.

Depending on what atmosphere you want to achieve, each color has its special way of transforming a space.
You can see recommended paint color below:


Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams vs Honed Soapstone SW 9126 by Sherwin Williams

Canal Street and Honed Soapstone are two distinctive colors by Sherwin Williams, each bringing a unique mood to spaces. Canal Street is a vibrant, lively green that packs a punch and can instantly breathe life into a room.

It’s fresh and can add a touch of nature indoors, making spaces feel more lively and energizing. On the other hand, Honed Soapstone offers a much subtler, sophisticated vibe.

This color is a deep, muted gray with earthy undertones, creating a sense of calm and serenity. It’s perfect for those seeking to create a tranquil, peaceful environment in their home or office.

While Canal Street draws the eye and becomes a focal point, Honed Soapstone works beautifully as a backdrop, allowing other elements in the decor to stand out.

Both colors have their unique appeal, with Canal Street suited for vibrant, dynamic spaces and Honed Soapstone ideal for creating a minimalist, calming atmosphere.
You can see recommended paint color below:


Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams vs Studio Clay SW 9172 by Sherwin Williams

Canal Street and Studio Clay by Sherwin Williams are both unique colors, but they have distinct vibes. Canal Street is a fresh and airy color. It’s like the feeling of a gentle breeze when you’re walking outside on a bright, sunny day.

This color can make a room feel more open and spacious, bringing a sense of calm and relaxation.

On the other hand, Studio Clay offers a more grounded and earthy tone. It’s reminiscent of natural clay pots or the warm, comforting hue of a well-loved leather chair.

This color adds a cozy and inviting atmosphere to any space, making it perfect for creating a snug, welcoming environment.

While Canal Street lifts a space with its lightness, Studio Clay brings it down to earth with its warmth. Both colors serve different purposes depending on the mood you want to set in a room.

Canal Street is for those looking to brighten and open-up their space, while Studio Clay is ideal for adding depth and coziness.
You can see recommended paint color below:


Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams vs Bunglehouse Gray SW 2845 by Sherwin Williams

Canal Street and Bunglehouse Gray by Sherwin Williams are unique shades that can really set the mood in any space. Canal Street is a light and airy color. It has a fresh vibe, making rooms look more open and spacious.

This color suits spaces where you want a calm and serene atmosphere. On the other hand, Bunglehouse Gray is a deeper, more grounded gray. It gives off a more cozy and warm feeling, perfect for creating a snug and inviting space.

While Canal Street brings a brightness that can uplift and refresh, Bunglehouse Gray leans towards creating a rich, comforting environment.

If you’re aiming for a minimalist, clean look, Canal Street is your go-to. But if you prefer a space that feels more secured and private, Bunglehouse Gray is ideal.

Both colors have their charms and can transform a space depending on what vibe you’re going for.
You can see recommended paint color below:

  • SW 2845 Bunglehouse Gray

Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams vs Zeus SW 7744 by Sherwin Williams

Canal Street and Zeus are two distinct colors from Sherwin Williams that offer unique tones for different tastes. Canal Street is a vibrant and lively color.

It has a dynamic energy that can brighten up a space with a sense of freshness and renewal, perfect for creating an inviting atmosphere in any room.

On the other hand, Zeus presents a more grounded and solid feel. This color leans towards a darker, more subtle hue, offering a sense of stability and strength.

Its earthy tones can bring a cozy and comfortable vibe to a space, making it ideal for areas where you want to relax and unwind.

While Canal Street injects a pop of brightness and is more suited to spaces that aim to energize and uplift, Zeus offers a calming and robust background, perfect for a serene and restful environment.

Choosing between the two depends on the mood and atmosphere you’re looking to create in your room.
You can see recommended paint color below:


Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams vs Cornwall Slate SW 9131 by Sherwin Williams

Canal Street and Cornwall Slate, both from Sherwin Williams, offer distinct vibes for any space. When you look at Canal Street, you’re greeted by a fresh, lively green that brings a touch of nature indoors.

It’s like bringing in a bit of the outdoors, making your room feel vibrant and energetic. On the other hand, Cornwall Slate steps in with a cooler, more grounded presence.

This color leans towards a dark, soothing gray that can make any room feel more secure and serene, perfect for creating a peaceful retreat.

When comparing the two, think of Canal Street as the life of the party, adding brightness and a dynamic feel, while Cornwall Slate is more like the calm, collected friend who brings a sense of tranquility and sophistication.

Whether you’re aiming for a spirited and refreshing vibe with Canal Street or a calm, composed atmosphere with Cornwall Slate, each color has its unique charm to transform your space.

You can see recommended paint color below:


Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams vs Quarry Stone SW 9603 by Sherwin Williams

When we compare Canal Street and Quarry Stone, both by Sherwin Williams, we observe two unique hues that offer distinct ambiances. Canal Street presents itself as a vibrant, somewhat playful color.

It’s light and has a certain freshness to it, making spaces feel more open and airy. This color can bring a lively touch to any room, injecting a sense of brightness and energy.

Quarry Stone, on the other hand, leans towards a more muted, subtle elegance. It’s a deeper, more grounded color, reminiscent of natural elements.

This hue adds a touch of sophistication and can create a calming, serene environment. It’s perfect for those looking to add a layer of tranquility and depth to their spaces.

In essence, while Canal Street adds vibrancy and a punch of light to interiors, Quarry Stone offers a calm, refined backdrop.

Whether looking for an energetic uplift or a serene retreat, these colors serve different purposes but are equally compelling in transforming the feel of a space.
You can see recommended paint color below:


Canal Street SW 9523 by Sherwin Williams vs At Ease Soldier SW 9127 by Sherwin Williams

Canal Street is a unique hue that leans towards a muted green with subtle, gray undertones. It’s a kind of color that brings a calm and soothing vibe to any space, making it ideal for rooms where relaxation is key, like bedrooms or living rooms.

At Ease Soldier, on the other hand, is a more grounded, earthy green. This color has a depth to it, evoking feelings of stability and comfort, perfect for creating a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

When comparing the two, Canal Street offers a lighter, airier feel, often seeming to expand a space with its gentle touch.

At Ease Soldier, with its richer and darker tone, tends to anchor a room, providing a strong foundation that pairs well with a variety of decor styles.

Both colors are versatile but serve slightly different moods and aesthetics. Canal Street lightens up a room, while At Ease Soldier adds warmth and character.
You can see recommended paint color below:



Canal Street from Sherwin Williams is a color that stands out for its versatility and subtle appeal, fitting seamlessly into a range of design needs.

This hue has the unique ability to bring warmth and a sense of calm into any space, making it ideal for those looking to create a serene and welcoming atmosphere.

Its adaptability means it can be used in various settings, from living rooms to bedrooms, without overwhelming the space’s overall aesthetic.

The beauty of Canal Street lies in its softness and depth, which offer a fresh perspective on neutrals. It encourages creative design choices, allowing for a mix of textures and complementary colors to enhance its presence in a room.

Whether aiming for a minimalist vibe or a more layered and textured approach, this color proves to be a solid foundation that supports a wide range of decor styles. Its understated elegance makes it a go-to choice for anyone looking to refine their space with poise and simplicity.


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