Approaching Storm CSP-535 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

In the vast spectrum of colors offered by paint manufacturers, certain shades capture the imagination more vividly than others.

In the vast spectrum of colors offered by paint manufacturers, certain shades capture the imagination more vividly than others. Approaching Storm CSP-535, from Benjamin Moore’s Color Stories collection, is one such hue that speaks volumes with its depth and intensity.

This article delves into the specifics of this color, dissecting its undertones, coordinating colors, and the impact of lighting on its appearance.

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What Color Is Approaching Storm CSP-535?

Approaching Storm CSP-535 is a deeply saturated color that encapsulates the serenity and foreboding of a twilight sky just before a storm breaks. Its richness is reminiscent of a velvety midnight blue that nearly borders on black, imbued with a subtle maritime quality.

This hue excels in interior styles that embrace bold statements, such as contemporary, minimalist, or industrial designs, where its depth can create a striking contrast. It pairs exceptionally well with materials like raw concrete, brushed steel, and exposed brick, while plush textiles like velvet and faux fur accentuate its luxuriousness.

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Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

Approaching Storm CSP-535 is a cool color with a hidden warmth that flickers in its depths like distant lightning in a night sky. This duality allows it to bring drama and intimacy into spaces, making it a versatile choice for homes. Cool colors are known to recede, making a room feel more spacious, but the warm hints in Approaching Storm CSP-535 ensure that the space retains a touch of inviting coziness.

In homes, this color can be a backdrop for a modern art collection, or it can be the statement itself, imbuing spaces with a sense of sophistication and mystery.

Undertones of Approaching Storm CSP-535

The undertones of a color are the hues that lurk beneath the surface, influencing perception and feeling. Approaching Storm CSP-535 possesses enigmatic undertones that are complex and hard to pin down – a mix of deep blue with a hint of green. These undertones can cause the color to shift under different lighting conditions, from a deep oceanic blue to a more subdued black-green.

On interior walls, these undertones give Approaching Storm CSP-535 a chameleon-like ability to adapt, offering a dynamic backdrop that can appear both bold and subdued.

Coordinating Colors of Approaching Storm CSP-535

Coordinating colors are shades that harmonize with the main color, enhancing its appeal and balancing the overall palette of a space. For Approaching Storm CSP-535, the coordinating colors are CSP-485 Paper Doll, OC-22 Calm, CSP-495 Through the Looking Glass, and AF-550 Amsterdam.

  • CSP-485 Paper Doll is a gentle, muted pink that provides a soft counterbalance to the intensity of Approaching Storm CSP-535.
  • OC-22 Calm is a true neutral, a whisper-light gray that offers a serene and clean contrast.
  • CSP-495 Through the Looking Glass is a light teal with a dreamy quality, bridging the gap between the aquatic and the ethereal.
  • AF-550 Amsterdam is a stately gray with a stoic presence, grounding the ethereal quality of Approaching Storm CSP-535.

Additional colors that also coordinate well with Approaching Storm CSP-535 include BM 840 Kensington Blue, a regal and reserved blue; OC-65 Chantilly Lace, a crisp and clean white; and BM 2041-10 Hunter Green, a deep and natural green that echoes the color’s own undertones.

How Does Lighting Affect Approaching Storm CSP-535?

Lighting plays a pivotal role in how colors are perceived, and Approaching Storm CSP-535 is no exception. Under artificial light, it can appear more concentrated and pronounced, adding to the drama and intensity of the space. Natural light, on the other hand, can soften its appearance, revealing more of its hidden warmth and undertones.

In north-facing rooms, this color will often appear truer to its deep blue nature, while in south-facing rooms, it may reveal a more dynamic range of blues and greens depending on the time of day. East-facing rooms will see Approaching Storm CSP-535 brighten slightly in the morning light, whereas in west-facing rooms, it will intensify beautifully during sunset.

LRV of Approaching Storm CSP-535

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) measures the amount of light a color reflects; with an LRV of 9, Approaching Storm CSP-535 falls on the lower end of the scale, absorbing more light than it reflects. This low LRV means that it can make a room feel more enclosed but also more enveloping and cozy.

The low reflectance intensifies its presence on walls, creating a depth that lighter colors cannot achieve. In practical terms, the LRV of this particular color demands consideration regarding lighting fixtures and natural light sources to ensure that the room does not become too dark.

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Trim Colors of Approaching Storm CSP-535

Trim colors are the accents that frame and define the architecture of a room, highlighting its best features. For Approaching Storm CSP-535, the ideal trim colors are shades of white that provide a sharp contrast.

Choices include OC-151 White, a bright and clean white; OC-17 White Dove, an off-white with a touch of warmth; and OC-7 Creamy White, a creamy white that can soften the contrast slightly. These trim colors will delineate the walls clearly, creating a professional and polished look.

Colors Similar to Approaching Storm CSP-535

Knowing similar colors to Approaching Storm CSP-535 is crucial for those looking to achieve a specific aesthetic or who may be considering alternatives with slight variation.
Similar colors include BM 2069-20 Blackberry Wine, a rich, deep purple; BM 2117-30 Shadow, a luxurious deep plum; and BM 1414 Super Nova, a dark yet vibrant blue that has a similar depth.

Each offers a unique take on the qualities that make Approaching Storm CSP-535 appealing, whether it be a shift towards more purple or a lighter, more vivid blue.

Colors That Go With Approaching Storm CSP-535

The art of pairing colors within a room is critical to achieving a cohesive and appealing design. Benjamin Moore offers a variety of colors that harmonize with Approaching Storm CSP-535, creating a balanced and dynamic space.

These include HC-144 Palladian Blue, a soft, dreamy blue; HC-173 Edgecomb Gray, a warm and inviting gray; CSP-720 Dark Harbor, a rich and mysterious green; OC-117 Simply White, a clean and versatile white; and HC-154 Hale Navy, a classic and stately blue.

Each color offers a unique contribution to the palette, ensuring versatility and depth when combined with the dramatic presence of Approaching Storm CSP-535.

How to Use Approaching Storm CSP-535 In Your Home?

Approaching Storm CSP-535 is a deep, enveloping hue that brings sophistication and depth to any room. Ideal for a den or library, this color adds a contemplative quality to spaces designed for thought and relaxation. It pairs beautifully with minimalist and modern interiors, as well as industrial styles where its depth can be juxtaposed against metal and wood finishes.

In a more traditional setting, it can act as a dramatic backdrop for antique furnishings, creating a stately look. Use it in rooms where you wish to evoke a sense of calm and collectedness, or where the goal is to make bold statements with art and décor.

How to Use Approaching Storm CSP-535 in the Bedroom?

In the bedroom, Approaching Storm CSP-535 can create a cocoon of serenity and luxury. Its low LRV makes it perfect for those who desire a restful, nighttime feel at any hour. Accent with crisp white bedding and soft, muted lighting to prevent the space from feeling too dark. Consider lighter-hued furniture to provide contrast and balance the depth of the walls.

This color fits well in a contemporary or modern bedroom, complementing sleek lines and simple forms. For an added layer of comfort, introduce textures through rugs and throws in coordinating colors.

How to Use Approaching Storm CSP-535 in the Bathroom?

Transform your bathroom into a spa-like retreat with Approaching Storm CSP-535. This color lends itself to creating a peaceful sanctuary perfect for unwinding after a long day. Balance its intensity with white fixtures, marble countertops, and chrome finishes for a crisp, timeless look.

Use reflective surfaces like mirrors and glossy tiles to bounce light around the room and offset the color’s light absorption. It’s an excellent choice for modern or Scandinavian-style bathrooms where the color’s deep tones can ground the space without overwhelming it.

How to Use Approaching Storm CSP-535 in the Living Room?

Approaching Storm CSP-535 in the living room sets a dramatic and inviting scene, perfect for both entertaining and relaxation. Complement this rich hue with lighter furnishings and pops of color through throw pillows and artwork to add visual interest. In a living room with ample natural light, this color can be used on all walls for a striking effect.

In spaces with less light, consider it as an accent wall to anchor the room. This color thrives in contemporary, eclectic, or even industrial living rooms, where its depth can be a focal point.

How to Use Approaching Storm CSP-535 for an Exterior?

For an exterior, Approaching Storm CSP-535 conveys elegance and timeless appeal. It’s a bold choice for front doors or shutters, providing a stately contrast against lighter siding. As a main color for the exterior, it should be balanced with lighter trim colors to avoid an overly somber effect.

This color fits well with modern, craftsman, or colonial-style homes, where it can accentuate architectural details with its profound depth. Ensure proper lighting in outdoor areas to highlight the color’s richness against the landscape.

How to Use Approaching Storm CSP-535 in the Kitchen?

In the kitchen, Approaching Storm CSP-535 offers a striking alternative to traditional kitchen colors. Utilize it on a feature wall or as an island base to ground the space and add a touch of drama. Pair with lighter countertops and cabinetry to keep the room feeling open and bright.

This color works well in modern farmhouse kitchens when accented with natural wood or in sleek contemporary spaces with stainless steel appliances. Soft under-cabinet lighting can help illuminate work surfaces against the dark backdrop.

How to Use Approaching Storm CSP-535 on the Kitchen Cabinets?

Approaching Storm CSP-535 on kitchen cabinets can create a bold and sophisticated statement. It pairs beautifully with brass or copper hardware for a touch of warmth and luxury. This color is best balanced with light wall colors and countertops to maintain a harmonious space that feels both welcoming and dramatic.

It’s an excellent choice for those looking to bring a modern flair to their kitchen, especially when used on lower cabinets with lighter upper cabinets or open shelving to maintain a sense of openness.

Comparing Approaching Storm CSP-535 With Other Colors

Comparing different colors is essential for understanding how they will interact with each other and the space they will inhabit. Colors can dramatically affect the mood, perceived size, and overall aesthetic of a room. Some colors may energize a space, while others can create a calming retreat. The way colors play off one another can either bring harmony or cause a visual discord. A color might appear differently when juxtaposed with another, affecting how it is perceived in terms of hue, value, and saturation.

Comparing colors also aids in selecting complementary shades for a cohesive design scheme, ensuring that all elements within a space work together seamlessly.

Approaching Storm CSP-535 vs. BM 2118-60 Misty Memories

When set against Misty Memories, a light, airy gray with a touch of lavender, Approaching Storm CSP-535 stands out with its much deeper, more commanding presence. Misty Memories serves as a soft backdrop that could highlight the depth and drama of Approaching Storm, allowing it to take center stage

. In a palette, Misty Memories could act as a tranquil counterpoint to the intense depth of Approaching Storm, suitable for creating a balance between strong character and understated elegance in a space.

Approaching Storm CSP-535 vs. BM 2117-50 Spring Violet

Spring Violet is a muted lavender that contrasts with the deep and dark tones of Approaching Storm CSP-535. While Approaching Storm conveys a sense of mystery and sophistication, Spring Violet offers a gentle whisper of color, bringing a lightness and soft femininity to the mix. Side by side, Approaching Storm can make Spring Violet appear more pastel and delicate, while Spring Violet can draw out the deep purple notes in Approaching Storm, highlighting its richness.

Approaching Storm CSP-535 vs. AF-585 Wisteria

AF-585 Wisteria, a mid-tone gray with violet undertones, presents a more muted complement to the intensity of Approaching Storm CSP-535. Wisteria’s subdued nature would allow Approaching Storm to dominate visually, yet the common purple undertones create a subtle link between the two.

In a room, Wisteria could serve as a unifying element, bridging the gap between the darker Approaching Storm and lighter elements within the space.

Approaching Storm CSP-535 vs. BM 1419 Persian Violet

Persian Violet, with its rich and vibrant purple hue, shares a kinship with the depth of Approaching Storm but with a slightly more vivacious energy. The two colors could work well together for a monochromatic scheme with varying intensities. Approaching Storm grounds the pairing, while Persian Violet provides a burst of color that can bring vibrancy and life to the depth and seriousness of Approaching Storm.

Approaching Storm CSP-535 vs. BM 1413 Purple Haze

Purple Haze is a soft, grayish purple that offers a dreamy and mystical quality, while Approaching Storm is far bolder and more profound. The two colors could create an intriguing dichotomy in a space, with Purple Haze softening the overall look and providing a bridge to lighter tones.

In combination, Purple Haze can also accentuate the more somber aspects of Approaching Storm, allowing for a design that is both grounded and ethereal.

Approaching Storm CSP-535 vs. BM 1441 Amethyst Shadow

Amethyst Shadow is a deeper lavender shade that, unlike the softness of the other colors mentioned, can stand up to the strength of Approaching Storm CSP-535. However, it still carries a lighter purple hue that can offer a slight reprieve from the intensity of Approaching Storm.

The two colors together can create a regal and luxurious palette, evoking a sense of sophistication and depth in the interior space.


In conclusion, Approaching Storm CSP-535 is a multifaceted color that offers depth, drama, and versatility. Understanding its undertones, coordinating colors, and the effects of lighting can empower homeowners and designers to use this color to its full potential.

Whether employed in a focused accent or as a bold statement wall, Approaching Storm CSP-535 promises to deliver a design that’s as dynamic and captivating as the stormy skies it embodies.
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