Nugget AC-9 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

Choosing the right paint color for your home is not just a matter of aesthetic preference but an essential part of interior design that reflects personal style and sets the mood for your living space.

Choosing the right paint color for your home is not just a matter of aesthetic preference but an essential part of interior design that reflects personal style and sets the mood for your living space. One intriguing option for those looking to infuse their home with a sense of warmth and earthiness is Benjamin Moore’s Nugget AC-9, a hue that resonates with depth and character.

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What Color Is Nugget AC-9?

Nugget AC-9 is a deep, rich caramel color that brings to mind the warm, inviting tones of autumn. This color encapsulates the essence of golden brown with hints of orange and yellow, making it a vibrant yet comforting choice for interior spaces.

Nugget AC-9 works exceptionally well in interior styles that celebrate natural elements and materials, such as rustic, traditional, or eclectic. It pairs beautifully with natural textures like hardwood, leather, and wool, enhancing their organic features and creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

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Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

Nugget AC-9 is unequivocally a warm color. Its golden brown palette radiates an inherent coziness and is known to make expansive spaces feel more intimate and welcoming. The warmth of Nugget AC-9 makes it an excellent choice for living areas and bedrooms where a sense of comfort is desired.

In homes, this warmth allows for a friendly, embracing ambiance, influencing the mood and perceived temperature of a room. This color thrives in spaces that aim to be relaxing and sociable.

Undertones of Nugget AC-9

The beauty of Nugget AC-9 lies in its complex undertones; it has a base of earthy brown enlivened by subtle hints of amber and honey. Undertones play a crucial role in color perception as they can change the appearance of a color under different lighting conditions or when juxtaposed with contrasting colors.

Nugget AC-9’s undertones add a layer of richness and dimension to interior walls, ensuring the color offers warmth and depth rather than flatness, which can be a common concern with darker hues.

Coordinating Colors of Nugget AC-9

Coordinating colors are those that harmonize with the main color, enhancing its appeal without causing visual disruption. For Nugget AC-9, coordinating colors are typically found within the neutral palette but can include soft creams, muted greens, or even gentle blues that provide contrast without overwhelming.

For instance, a soft beige like OC-117 Simply White offers a clean contrast, while a muted green like AF-470 Flora can bring out the naturalistic elements of Nugget AC-9. A gentle blue such as OC-92 Mannequin Cream will contrast subtly with Nugget AC-9, providing a serene backdrop.

Additional similar colors to consider include BM 1103 Camel Back, a slightly lighter brown that maintains the warm ambiance; BM 1047 Deer Path, which shares the earthy richness; and BM 1105 Maple Syrup, a color akin to Nugget AC-9 with its deep, warm tones.

How Does Lighting Affect Nugget AC-9?

Lighting can dramatically affect the appearance of colors, and Nugget AC-9 is no exception. Under natural light, this hue exhibits a vibrant warmth that can transform throughout the day—from a bright caramel in the morning to a richer, deeper tone in the evening. Artificial light brings out its yellow and orange undertones, creating a cozy, intimate feel.

In north-facing rooms, Nugget AC-9 may appear slightly muted, whereas, in south-facing rooms, it will look exceptionally warm and radiant. East and west-facing rooms will see a marked difference in the color between morning and evening light.

LRV of Nugget AC-9

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of a color quantifies the percentage of light a paint color reflects. With an LRV of 29, Nugget AC-9 falls on the darker end of the spectrum, meaning it doesn’t reflect a large amount of light. This LRV means that Nugget AC-9 can serve as an anchoring element in a room, providing a sense of depth and coziness.

However, it’s important to ensure that the room has sufficient lighting to prevent the color from overwhelming the space and making it appear smaller or darker than it is.

LRV – what does it mean? Read This Before Finding Your Perfect Paint Color

Trim Colors of Nugget AC-9

Trim colors are vital for creating clean lines and defining the architecture of a room. With Nugget AC-9, crisp whites or soft off-whites work best to provide contrast and prevent the room from feeling too dark. A bright white like OC-65 Chantilly Lace would offer a sharp delineation, while an off-white like OC-17 White Dove or OC-18 Dove Wing would provide a softer transition from wall to trim.

Colors Similar to Nugget AC-9

Knowing colors similar to the one you’re considering, like Nugget AC-9, can be important for understanding your preferences and finding the perfect fit for your space. BM 1105 Maple Syrup is an ideal choice for those who love Nugget AC-9 but might want a slightly different depth or undertone.

BM 1105 Maple Syrup is a kin to Nugget AC-9 with its warm, inviting presence. It can add a similar richness to rooms but with its unique flair. Another close relative is BM 1221 Potters Clay, a color with the same warmth as Nugget AC-9 but a hint of a more orange undertone.

Lastly, BM 1062 Baked Cumin has a comparable earthy quality but with a subdued strength, making it suitable for spaces where you want warmth without the depth of Nugget AC-9.

Colors That Go With Nugget AC-9

The art of pairing colors is crucial to design spaces that are visually cohesive and balanced. Colors that go well with Nugget AC-9 can bring out its best qualities while contributing to a harmonious palette. Benjamin Moore offers a wide range of colors that complement Nugget AC-9, such as:

  • HC-173 Edgecomb Gray: A versatile gray that softens the boldness of Nugget AC-9.
  • OC-20 Pale Oak: A light taupe that provides a subtle contrast.
  • BM 1475 Graystone: A medium gray that can create a sophisticated backdrop.
  • AF-690 Metropolitan: A chic, understated gray that adds modernity.
  • BM 2137-60 Gray Owl: A light gray with cool undertones that offer a refreshing counterpoint.

By pairing Nugget AC-9 with these nuanced colors, you can create a space that is dynamic, stylish, and cohesive.

How to Use Nugget AC-9 In Your Home?

Nugget AC-9 is a versatile, warm hue perfect for creating an inviting and cozy atmosphere in any home. Ideal for living rooms and dining spaces, it complements wood finishes and rich textures, making it suitable for rustic, farmhouse, and traditional interior styles.

In contemporary settings, Nugget AC-9 adds depth and warmth, balancing modern metallics and clean lines. It’s particularly striking in well-lit, spacious rooms, where it can make a bold statement without overpowering the space.

How to Use Nugget AC-9 in the Bedroom?

In the bedroom, Nugget AC-9 can create a nurturing and restful sanctuary. Pair it with creamy whites for bedding and draperies to balance its depth. This shade works well with natural linen textures and soft lighting, enhancing the room’s coziness.

For an eclectic style, mix Nugget AC-9 with bohemian elements like patterned throws and wooden accents. This color’s earthy vibe promotes relaxation, ideal for a tranquil bedroom retreat.

How to Use Nugget AC-9 in the Bathroom?

Nugget AC-9 can transform a bathroom into a warm and inviting space. Use it on a feature wall or as an accent to complement white fixtures and tiles. This color pairs beautifully with natural elements like stone tiles or wood vanities, evoking a spa-like ambiance. In smaller bathrooms, use Nugget AC-9 sparingly to maintain a light and airy feel, or boldly in a larger space for a more immersive experience.

How to Use Nugget AC-9 in the Living Room?

In the living room, Nugget AC-9 invites warmth and can serve as a stunning backdrop for a mix of textures and materials. Use it on all walls for a rich, enveloping feel or on a single wall to anchor the space. Complement with soft textiles and neutral furnishings to let the color stand out. Nugget AC-9 is especially effective in rooms with ample natural light, where it can add a sense of sunny warmth even on cold days.

How to Use Nugget AC-9 for an Exterior?

On exteriors, Nugget AC-9 offers a stately and inviting presence. It’s particularly fitting for craftsman or colonial-style homes, where it can highlight architectural details. Paired with crisp white trim and natural stone elements, Nugget AC-9’s depth is beautifully showcased, creating a timeless and warm exterior. Consider using it on front doors or shutters for a pop of earthy color against a more neutral facade.

How to Use Nugget AC-9 in the Kitchen?

Nugget AC-9 in the kitchen can stimulate warmth and appetite, making it ideal for walls or as an accent color. It complements natural wood tones and works well with a variety of countertop materials, from sleek granite to butcher block. For a cozy country kitchen or a sophisticated modern space with a warm twist, Nugget AC-9 adapts to both, pairing well with brushed metals and ceramic tiles.

How to Use Nugget AC-9 on the Kitchen Cabinets?

Applying Nugget AC-9 on kitchen cabinets can anchor the space with its rich, warm presence. This color pairs splendidly with brass or copper hardware for a touch of luxury. For a cohesive look, match it with neutral wall colors and consider a matte finish for a sophisticated, modern touch. In a kitchen with ample natural light, Nugget AC-9 cabinets can create a stunning focal point without darkening the space.

Comparing Nugget AC-9 With Other Colors

Comparing different colors is crucial when designing a space because it allows you to understand the visual impact each color will have in relation to others. This comparison informs how a space will feel and how colors will interact under various lighting conditions.

It can also reveal how different shades can complement or contrast with one another to create a desired aesthetic. Moreover, when comparing colors, you can discern the subtleties between warm and cool tones, helping to balance the mood and energy of a room.

Nugget AC-9 vs. OC-65 Chantilly Lace

When set against Chantilly Lace, a clean and crisp white, Nugget AC-9’s warm, earthy undertones become more pronounced. Chantilly Lace, known for its lack of strong undertones and a high LRV, makes Nugget AC-9 appear richer and more saturated.

This juxtaposition highlights Nugget AC-9’s depth and can be used to create a dynamic visual hierarchy, with Chantilly Lace acting as a refreshing counterbalance to the grounded nature of Nugget AC-9.

Nugget AC-9 vs. AC-3 Texas Leather

Comparing Nugget AC-9 with Texas Leather, you’ll find that both share a warmth that can make a space feel inviting. However, Texas Leather, while also warm, has a subtler, more muted presence, giving it a more understated elegance. Nugget AC-9, with its bolder, more pronounced hue, commands attention and can serve as a striking feature color alongside the more subdued Texas Leather.

Nugget AC-9 vs. HC-104 Copley Gray

Copley Gray is a mid-tone gray with green undertones that brings a sense of balance and neutrality. Against Nugget AC-9, Copley Gray serves as a calming influence that can tone down the intensity of Nugget AC-9. The green undertones of Copley Gray also complement the warmth of Nugget AC-9, making them a harmonious pair for a nature-inspired palette.

Nugget AC-9 vs. BM 1196 Burnt Sienna

Burnt Sienna, a rich russet color, shares a similar intensity and depth with Nugget AC-9. However, Burnt Sienna leans towards a reddish, clay-like hue, which can create a more vibrant and energetic space when used with Nugget AC-9. The comparison emphasizes Nugget AC-9’s brownish undertones and showcases how both can evoke an autumnal ambiance when paired together.

Nugget AC-9 vs. BM 2096-30 Grandfather Clock Brown

Grandfather Clock Brown is a deep, warm brown that resonates with timeless elegance. It is darker than Nugget AC-9 and can make Nugget AC-9 seem lighter and more amber in comparison. Using these two together in a room can set up a luxurious and weighty feel, with Grandfather Clock Brown grounding the space and Nugget AC-9 offering a slightly lighter, complementary touch.

Nugget AC-9 vs. CW-170 Tarpley Brown

Tarpley Brown stands out as a sophisticated and historic shade, with a stately richness when paired with Nugget AC-9. Tarpley Brown’s deep, muted hue can make Nugget AC-9 appear more vibrant by contrast. In a color scheme, Nugget AC-9 could act as the highlight against the more reserved backdrop of Tarpley Brown, offering a pleasing visual depth.


Color comparison is an art and a science that plays a critical role in interior design and decoration. It helps to create a narrative in the space, with each color playing a part in the overall story of a room. Through thoughtful comparison, Nugget AC-9 can be understood in a broader context, finding its place within a spectrum that ranges from bold and earthy to light and ethereal.

The contrast with shades like Chantilly Lace and Texas Leather underscores its warmth and richness, while comparisons with deeper tones like Grandfather Clock Brown and Tarpley Brown showcase its flexibility in creating both contrast and cohesion.

The ultimate goal of these comparisons is to harness the full potential of Nugget AC-9, utilizing its unique characteristics to curate spaces that are not only visually appealing but also emotionally resonant.

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