Angel’s Wings 1423 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

Choosing the right color for an interior space is more than just picking a shade you like; it's about creating an atmosphere, enhancing architectural features, and harmonizing with light and layout.

Choosing the right color for an interior space is more than just picking a shade you like; it’s about creating an atmosphere, enhancing architectural features, and harmonizing with light and layout. Angel’s Wings 1423 by Benjamin Moore is a hue that has been captivating homeowners with its unique character and versatility.

This article delves deep into the specifics of Angel’s Wings 1423, exploring its undertones, temperature, coordinating colors, and the effect of lighting on its appearance. Understanding these aspects can significantly influence its application in interior design.

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What Color Is Angel’s Wings 1423?

Angel’s Wings 1423 by Benjamin Moore is a color that carries the ethereal quality of its name. It’s a subdued, almost pastel-like shade that embodies a delicate balance between a soft white and a whisper of light grey. The color has a dreamy clarity to it, making it suitable for a range of interior styles, particularly those leaning towards minimalism, Scandinavian, and modern farmhouse aesthetics.

It works splendidly with natural materials like unfinished wood, textured linens, and stone. Additionally, it pairs well with smooth surfaces like polished marble, offering a subtle contrast that elevates the material’s luxurious qualities.

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Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

Angel’s Wings 1423 straddles the line between warm and cool, making it a versatile choice for interiors. This chameleon-like quality means that it can lean towards a cozy warmth in a room with ample sunlight or appear more crisp and cool under the influence of shadow or cooler light bulbs.

In homes, this dual nature allows for a seamless integration into various design themes, supporting a range of different accent colors and enabling a space to feel inviting without sacrificing a sense of calm and serenity.

Undertones of Angel’s Wings 1423

The undertones of a color are like its hidden melody, subtly influencing its overall tune. Angel’s Wings 1423 has a complex undertone that seems to shift with the changing light, at times revealing a faint creamy warmth, while at other times, showcasing a soft, misty coolness. These undertones play a pivotal role in the color’s perception, especially when applied to interior walls.

They can make a room feel more spacious or intimate, depending on the light and surrounding colors, adding depth and character to the walls.

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Coordinating Colors of Angel’s Wings 1423

Coordinating colors enhance the primary hue’s intrinsic beauty, creating a harmonious palette. For Angel’s Wings 1423, colors like OC-22 Calm, a gentle beige; BM 869 Oxford White, a crisp and clean white; BM 206 Summer Harvest, a warm, golden hue; and AF-655 Silhouette, a deep, sophisticated charcoal, all work in concert to bring out its best qualities. These coordinating colors offer a range from light to dark, providing depth and contrast when paired with Angel’s Wings 1423.

  • OC-22 Calm: A soft, restful beige that mirrors the tranquility of a sandy beach.
  • BM 869 Oxford White: A bright, pure white with a timeless elegance.
  • BM 206 Summer Harvest: A warm, golden straw color reminiscent of late summer fields.
  • AF-655 Silhouette: A strong, charcoal gray that provides a grounding effect.

Additionally, similar hues like BM 2108-60 Abalone, a gentle off-white; OC-19 Seapearl, an ivory with a hint of grey; and OC-20 Pale Oak, a soft taupe, can also be coordinated with Angel’s Wings 1423 to maintain a cohesive and serene palette.

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How Does Lighting Affect Angel’s Wings 1423?

Lighting is a critical factor in how we perceive color. Angel’s Wings 1423 is particularly sensitive to lighting due to its nuanced tones. In natural light, this color can look serenely neutral, offering a backdrop that shifts with the daylight. In artificial light, it can lean towards its warmer undertones, providing a cozy glow.

In north-facing rooms, it may appear more muted and cooler, while in south-facing rooms, it will likely feel warmer and brighter. East-facing rooms see it change from a gentle morning light to a cooler light by afternoon, and in west-facing rooms, it can bask in the warm, golden tones of the setting sun.

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LRV of Angel’s Wings 1423

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of 58 for Angel’s Wings 1423 positions it in the mid-range spectrum, where it’s neither too light nor too dark. LRV is a measurement that reflects how much light a color will reflect and can also absorb. With an LRV of 58, Angel’s Wings 1423 is capable of making a space feel open and airy while still providing enough saturation to give a room depth.

The particular LRV of this color means it has a balanced reflectance that works well in various lighting situations, making it a versatile choice for many interiors.

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Trim Colors of Angel’s Wings 1423

Trim colors serve as the finishing touch that can either subtly complement or boldly define the spaces between walls and architectural details. With Angel’s Wings 1423, shades of white from the same brand can be used to accentuate its subtlety.

Whites like OC-151 White, with its pristine and clear quality; OC-17 White Dove, offering a soft and warm touch without becoming too creamy; and OC-65 Chantilly Lace, known for its crisp and luminous finish, are ideal trim colors. These shades provide a delicate framing for Angel’s Wings 1423, enhancing its soft, airy nature without creating an overly stark contrast.

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Colors Similar to Angel’s Wings 1423

Recognizing colors similar to Angel’s Wings 1423 is essential for creating a cohesive color scheme, especially if the original color is not available, or a complementary shade is needed for another room or feature.

  • BM 1411 North Cascades: A grey with a hint of blue, reminiscent of mountain mists.
  • BM 1430 Spring Flowers: A muted lavender with a touch of grey, evoking the first blooms of spring.
  • BM 1410 Iced Lavender: A soft, cool lavender with a tranquil presence.

These similar shades maintain the serene essence of Angel’s Wings 1423 while offering subtle variations that can differentiate space or provide a cohesive flow throughout the home.

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Colors That Go With Angel’s Wings 1423

Using complementary colors ensures a balanced and visually appealing room. With Angel’s Wings 1423, colors from the Benjamin Moore collection that enhance its beauty include:

  • BM 2111-60 Barren Plain: A versatile grey that brings out the cooler tones in Angel’s Wings 1423.
  • HC-173 Edgecomb Gray: A warm gray that harmonizes with the warmer undertones of Angel’s Wings.
  • BM 2123-70 Ice Mist: An almost ethereal white that provides a crisp contrast.
  • BM 2122-50 Iceberg: A light blue that adds a refreshing splash of color.
  • HC-144 Palladian Blue: A soft, dreamy blue-green that complements the airy nature of Angel’s Wings 1423.

Each of these colors works in synergy with Angel’s Wings 1423 to create a space that feels both grounded and uplifting. Whether for a monochromatic scheme or a more dynamic palette, these colors enhance the overall aesthetic when used with Angel’s Wings 1423.

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How to Use Angel’s Wings 1423 In Your Home?

Angel’s Wings 1423 is a versatile color that suits almost any room, bringing a serene and airy quality to spaces. In the bedroom, it invokes calmness, perfect for a restful night’s sleep. Bathrooms benefit from its light-reflecting properties, giving a clean and open feel. Living rooms can appear more spacious and tranquil, providing a neutral backdrop for art and furniture.

This color can also refresh home exteriors, complementing natural elements and landscapes. In the kitchen, it can make the space feel clean and welcoming, and on kitchen cabinets, it offers a subtle, chic alternative to traditional white.

How to Use Angel’s Wings 1423 in the Bedroom?

In the bedroom, Angel’s Wings 1423 creates a sanctuary of peace. Its soft hue encourages relaxation and can be the base for a monochromatic theme or a backdrop for bold bedding and decor. Complemented with plush textures and soft linens, it promotes restfulness. For a harmonious aesthetic, pair it with warm woods and metallic accents to enhance its coziness.

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How to Use Angel’s Wings 1423 in the Bathroom?

Angel’s Wings 1423 can transform a bathroom into a spa-like retreat. Its light-reflective quality maximizes the sense of space and purity, ideal for both small and large bathrooms. Pair it with marble countertops or tiles to accentuate a luxurious feel, or use it alongside soft-colored towels and bathmats to maintain a minimalist and clean ambiance.

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How to Use Angel’s Wings 1423 in the Living Room?

In the living room, Angel’s Wings 1423 offers a subtle canvas that allows furniture and artwork to take center stage. Its neutral base adapts to changing decor and seasonal accessories. For a contemporary style, mix it with glass and metal surfaces; for a cozy atmosphere, add textured fabrics and warm wood tones.

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How to Use Angel’s Wings 1423 for an Exterior?

On the exterior, Angel’s Wings 1423 brings a fresh and modern look. It’s perfect for creating a standout yet timeless facade when paired with darker trim colors. The color suits a variety of architectural styles and complements natural surroundings, making it a versatile choice for both urban and rural homes.

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How to Use Angel’s Wings 1423 in the Kitchen?

In the kitchen, Angel’s Wings 1423 can help create an inviting and clean environment. Its neutral tone pairs well with countertops and appliances of any color, from stainless steel to butcher block. Use it to brighten the space and to set a relaxed mood where family and guests can gather.

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How to Use Angel’s Wings 1423 on Kitchen Cabinets

On kitchen cabinets, Angel’s Wings 1423 offers a subtle, contemporary twist to the all-white kitchen. It pairs beautifully with brass or chrome hardware for a hint of elegance and can be contrasted with a darker island or countertops for visual depth. This color can work seamlessly with both glossy and matte finishes, adapting to any lighting condition.

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Comparing BM Angel’s Wings With Other Colors

Comparing colors like Angel’s Wings 1423 with others is crucial in design because it helps to establish the mood and style of a space. It determines how different colors interact with one another, affecting spatial perception and aesthetic harmony.

This comparison can influence the decision-making process in everything from creating a color scheme to selecting accent pieces, ensuring the chosen palette achieves the desired effect in a room.

Angel’s Wings 1423 vs. BM 1425 Dreamy

Angel’s Wings 1423, a soft and versatile hue, stands in contrast to BM 1425 Dreamy, which has a more pronounced blue undertone, leaning towards a tranquil and dream-like sky. Dreamy can bring a cooler, more contemplative atmosphere to a room, while Angel’s Wings maintains a neutral warmth. Choosing between them depends on whether you desire the crisp freshness of a morning sky (Dreamy) or the gentle embrace of a neutral with warmth (Angel’s Wings).

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Angel’s Wings 1423 vs. BM 2118-60 Misty Memories

BM 2118-60 Misty Memories is a cooler, more shadowed color compared to the soft neutrality of Angel’s Wings 1423. Misty Memories can create a moodier feel or serve as a grounding complement to brighter colors, whereas Angel’s Wings is more likely to blend seamlessly with various decor elements, providing a light, expansive feel.

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Angel’s Wings 1423 vs. BM 1422 Violet Sparkle

BM 1422 Violet Sparkle has a playful luminosity with subtle purple undertones, offering a hint of whimsical charm. Angel’s Wings 1423, being less saturated, provides a backdrop that is soothing and less commanding. The choice between them hinges on whether a space calls for the gentle quietude of Angel’s Wings or the soft, imaginative flair of Violet Sparkle.

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Angel’s Wings 1423 vs. BM 1428 Wood Violet

BM 1428 Wood Violet is a deeper, more saturated color that can add drama and intensity to spaces, unlike the understated calm of Angel’s Wings 1423. Angel’s Wings is airy and light, ideal for creating an illusion of more space, while Wood Violet is better suited for creating a focal point or accentuating architectural details.

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Angel’s Wings 1423 vs. BM 1427 French Violet

BM 1427 French Violet presents a more vivid and rich experience, with a greater depth of color than Angel’s Wings 1423. French Violet can create a luxurious and bold atmosphere, while Angel’s Wings keeps a room feeling open and serene. Depending on the desired impact—striking or subtle—either color could be the perfect choice.

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Angel’s Wings 1423 vs. BM 1424 Blue Viola

BM 1424 Blue Viola, with its noticeable blue hue, brings a cooler and more pronounced presence into a space compared to the gentle caress of Angel’s Wings 1423. Angel’s Wings provides a neutral canvas, while Blue Viola steps forward as a more definitive statement in a color scheme.

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In conclusion, Angel’s Wings 1423 offers a delicate balance of warmth and neutrality, serving as a versatile foundation for various design preferences. Its comparison with other hues, each with their own unique characteristics and emotional impacts, underlines the importance of color choice in interior design.

While Angel’s Wings 1423 is like a soft whisper in a room, the other colors can vary from a gentle murmur (like Dreamy) to a more distinct conversation (like French Violet), each bringing its own narrative to the space.

The careful consideration of such comparisons ensures a harmonious and purposeful design that resonates with the intended ambiance of a home or space.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Can Angel's Wings 1423 work well in a small room without a lot of natural light?

Absolutely, Angel's Wings 1423 is an excellent choice for small rooms with limited natural light. Its relatively high LRV (Light Reflectance Value) means it reflects a good amount of light, helping to make spaces appear larger and brighter. To maximize its effect, complement it with reflective surfaces and light-colored decor.

⭐Is Angel's Wings 1423 suitable for a gender-neutral nursery?

Yes, Angel's Wings 1423 is perfect for a gender-neutral nursery. Its soft and soothing tone creates a peaceful atmosphere that is ideal for a baby's room. Plus, it's versatile enough to match a wide range of decor as your child grows.

⭐What ceiling color would you recommend with Angel's Wings 1423 on the walls?

For a cohesive look, a white with subtle cool undertones like Benjamin Moore’s Ceiling White would be an excellent choice to pair with Angel's Wings 1423. It will provide a crisp contrast that maintains the airy feel of the space.

⭐Would Angel's Wings 1423 be a good exterior color in a hot climate?

Angel's Wings 1423 can indeed be a good exterior color for a hot climate, reflecting sunlight and helping to keep your home a bit cooler. Additionally, its light and airy feel can provide a refreshing visual amidst the intense sun.

⭐How does Angel's Wings 1423 complement natural wood elements in furniture and flooring?

Angel's Wings 1423 complements natural wood beautifully, as its neutral tone allows the rich textures and colors of wood to stand out. It can help in creating a balanced, organic look that's both warm and modern.

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