Jardin SW 6723 Paint Color by Sherwin-Williams

A comprehensive review that will introduce this beautiful color to you

Regarding color, Sherwin-Williams is a renowned leader in the paint industry, offering a vast and diverse color palette. This article delves into the depths of one particular shade – the vibrant and captivating SW 6723 Jardin.

This in-depth analysis will explore the nuances of this color, its undertones, coordinating colors, and potential applications in different spaces.

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What Color Is SW 6723 Jardin? Is It a Warm or Cool Color?

As Encycolorpedia says. SW 6723 Jardin is a vibrant, medium-dark shade of green with noticeable blue undertones, placing it in the teal or turquoise color family. When it comes to determining whether a color is warm or cool, SW Jardin leans towards the cool spectrum.

This cooling effect is primarily due to its blue undertones, creating an invigorating, fresh aura reminiscent of lush tropical gardens and sparkling turquoise seas.


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Undertones of SW 6723 Jardin Paint Color

Knowing colors’ undertones is a must if you want to use the hue correctly and be able to tell how it may read in your space. Speaking of SW Jardin, this delicate green has several undertones you should know about:

  • Blue: The most noticeable undertone in SW Jardin is blue, which gives it its cool and calming feel and positions it within the teal color family.
  • Grey: There is a subtle hint of grey that adds a softness to SW Jardin, toning down its vibrancy to create a more sophisticated hue.
  • Green: Although green is the main color of SW Jardin, it also acts as an undertone, reinforcing the hue’s overall vitality and resonance.

Coordinating Colors of SW 6723Jardin

To coordinate the color correctly and highlight its natural beauty, you must know what colors to use for this purpose. For such a complex hue as SW Jardin, we recommend you the following coordinating colors that will succeed:

  1. SW 6434 Spinach White (CHECK A SAMPLE): A soft, muted green that complements the vibrancy of Jardin without competing with it.
  2. SW 8917 Shell White (CHECK A SAMPLE): A versatile off-white that provides a neutral backdrop, allowing Jardin to take center stage.
  3. SW 9075 Berry Cream (CHECK A SAMPLE): This light, warm pink hue offers a pleasing contrast to the coolness of Jardin, providing balance and harmony.

Adding three more colors to this list, we get:

  1. SW 6212 Quietude (CHECK A SAMPLE): A subdued green-blue that acts as a more muted complement to Jardin.
  2. BM OC-29 Floral White (CHECK A SAMPLE): This creamy white offers a subtle contrast that lets Jardin shine.
  3. SW 6328 Fireweed (CHECK A SAMPLE): A soft, warm pink that, like Berry Cream, provides a balancing contrast to Jardin’s cool tones.

How Does Lighting Affect SW 6723 Jardin Paint Color?

Lighting plays a significant role in how we perceive color. And it also matters a lot in how we perceive the Jardin paint color by Sherwin-Williams! In natural daylight, SW Jardin’s vibrant teal-like hue is very prominent, creating an atmosphere of tropical freshness.

In contrast, under artificial light, such as incandescent or warm LED lights, SW Jardin takes on a softer, more subdued tone as the blue undertones are emphasized, and the color becomes a deeper, richer shade of green.


LRV of SW 6723 Jardin Paint Color

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects. The closer the LRV value is to 100, the lighter and more reflective the color. Respectively, the closer the LRV value is to zero, the darker the hue.

SW Jardin has an LRV of 58, which means it reflects over half of the light that hits its surface. This relatively high LRV indicates that SW Jardin is a medium-dark color but one that still has a noticeable brightness. It’s a color that can create depth and interest in a room without making the space feel small or dark.


LRV – what does it mean? Read This Before Finding Your Perfect Paint Color

Trim Colors of SW 6723 Jardin

White is an optimal trim color due to its versatility and ability to work with most hues on the color wheel successfully. For SW Jardin, white will also work best. In particular, you may want to consider the following options:

  • SW 7005 Pure White (CHECK A SAMPLE): This true, balanced white provides a crisp edge that allows Jardin to stand out beautifully.
  • SW 7012 Creamy (CHECK A SAMPLE): This soft, slightly warm off-white complements Jardin’s cool tones, providing a sophisticated contrast.
  • SW 7008 Alabaster (CHECK A SAMPLE): A slightly warmer off-white that pairs beautifully with Jardin, adding a touch of warmth to balance Jardin’s coolness.

Colors Similar to SW 6723 Jardin

When you deal with such complex colors as SW Jardin, you should know what alternative hues exist to be able to use them instead of the color you initially chose. For SW Jardin, we recommend you the following green colors that read very similar to it:

  1. Behr Growing Season
  2. BM 430 Landscape (CHECK A SAMPLE)
  3. PPG Bleached Spruce
  4. Valspar Freshwater Green

Colors That Go With SW 6723 Jardin

To achieve a balanced and appealing palette in your home that looks welcoming, you should know what colors will work with the hue you use on the walls. For SW Jardin, opt for the following paint colors:

  1. SW 7005 Pure White (CHECK A SAMPLE): As a clean, neutral white, it provides a striking contrast to SW Jardin.
  2. SW 7673 Pewter Cast (CHECK A SAMPLE): This gray with a hint of lavender makes for an elegant and sophisticated pairing.
  3. SW 6244 Naval (CHECK A SAMPLE): A deep navy blue that complements the blue undertones of SW Jardin.
  4. SW 6338 Warming Peach (CHECK A SAMPLE): This light, warm peach provides a pleasant contrast to the cool tones of SW Jardin.
  5. SW 6044 Doeskin (CHECK A SAMPLE): A warm, mid-tone neutral that pairs well with Jardin.
  6. SW 7749 Laurel Woods (CHECK A SAMPLE): A deep, warm green complements SW Jardin’s vibrancy.

How to Use SW 6723 Jardin in Different Rooms of Your Home?

Here you can read how SW Jardin may work in different rooms of your house or apartment. This way, you can better imagine what to expect from this green color and in what space it will work best.

Jardin SW 6723 in the Bedroom

SW Jardin is a great choice for a bedroom. Its cool undertones create a calming atmosphere that’s perfect for relaxation. Consider using Jardin on an accent wall behind the bed, with lighter, neutral colors on the other walls to balance the vibrancy of Jardin. Paired with white or off-white bedding, Jardin can transform a bedroom into a tranquil oasis.

In a child’s bedroom, SW Jardin can create a vibrant, energetic space. Pair it with fun, bright colors like SW 9075 Berry Cream or SW 8917 Shell White for a playful and dynamic room.


Jardin SW 6723 in the Bathroom

In a bathroom, SW Jardin can provide a spa-like feel. Use it with cool-toned materials like white tiles or marble countertops and accent it with chrome or stainless-steel fixtures. The result is a fresh, clean space that feels invigorating.

For a more dramatic effect, use SW Jardin on the vanity or as a bold accent wall. Paired with SW 6434 Spinach White or SW 6212 Quietude, it can create a unique, visually appealing space.


Jardin SW 6723 in the Living Room

In a living room, SW Jardin works beautifully on all walls or as an accent wall. Its vibrant color can add personality and depth to the space. Paired with neutrals like SW 8917 Shell White or SW 9060 Floral White on furnishings and trim, it can create a balanced, harmonious atmosphere.

For a more daring approach, consider pairing Jardin with contrasting colors such as SW 6338 Warming Peach or SW 7749 Laurel Woods. This can create a dynamic and exciting space, perfect for entertaining.


Jardin SW 6723 in the Kitchen

SW Jardin can give a kitchen a vibrant, energetic vibe. It looks stunning on cabinetry, especially when contrasted with a light countertop and backsplash. Paired with stainless steel appliances, it gives a modern, chic look.

Alternatively, use Jardin on a feature wall or as a bold backsplash color. Paired with whites or lighter greens like SW 6434 Spinach White, it can create a fresh and inviting kitchen space.


Jardin SW 6723 for the Exterior Use

SW Jardin can create a striking and welcoming exterior. It looks particularly beautiful in natural settings, where its vibrant green hue complements the surrounding greenery. Paired with SW 7012 Creamy or SW 7005 Pure White on trim and SW 7749 Laurel Woods or SW 6244 Naval on the front door, it can create a stunning, harmonious exterior.

In urban settings, SW Jardin can add a burst of freshness and personality. Its vibrancy can make a property stand out, while its cool undertones can soften the harshness of concrete and metal surroundings.


Comparing With Other Colors

Here you can read how SW Jardin compares to other colors. This will help you better see this color’s unique features and understand how LRVs and undertones work, making colors unique.

SW 6723 Jardin vs Aquaverde (SW 9051)

SW Aquaverde (CHECK A SAMPLE) is a muted version of Jardin, with more gray undertones that soften its overall appearance. Unlike Jardin’s lively vibrancy, SW Aquaverde presents a more subdued and tranquil persona. Both are cool-toned colors that evoke a sense of serenity, but Jardin’s intensity can create a more dramatic effect, while SW Aquaverde offers a more relaxed, soothing ambiance.


SW 6723 Jardin vs Splashy (SW 6942)

SW Splashy (CHECK A SAMPLE) is a brighter, more vibrant version of Jardin, emphasizing the teal quality of the color. While Jardin offers a balanced blend of green and blue, Splashy leans towards a more pronounced turquoise. This makes SW Splashy a bold and more striking color, while Jardin provides a more nuanced and versatile palette.


SW 6723 Jardin vs BM Jamaican Aqua (2048-60)

BM Jamaican Aqua (CHECK A SAMPLE) is a bright aqua paint color that’s very close to Jardin. However, Jamaican Aqua leans a bit more towards blue, giving it a slightly cooler feel than Jardin. This makes BM Jamaican Aqua a bit more refreshing and crisp, while Jardin’s slight warmth gives it a more inviting and comfortable feel.



Sherwin-Williams SW 6723 Jardin is a versatile, vibrant color that brings a touch of tropical freshness to any space. With its cool undertones and medium-dark LRV, it’s a color that can create depth and interest in a room without making the space feel small or dark.

Whether used in a bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, or exterior, SW Jardin can transform a space, creating a tranquil oasis or a dynamic, energetic atmosphere.

By carefully considering the color’s undertones, coordinating colors, and how it responds to light, you can unlock the full potential of Jardin in your design projects.


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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What type of spaces is SW 6723 Jardin best suited for?

SW 6736 Jardin's vibrant green hue, with its soothing blue undertones, can be used to invigorate a variety of spaces. Its tropical freshness makes it suitable for bathrooms, bedrooms, living areas, kitchens, and even exteriors. It can be used to create a tranquil oasis or a dynamic, energetic atmosphere, depending on the colors it is paired with.

⭐What are the best-coordinating colors for SW 6723 Jardin?

Some of the best coordinating colors for Jardin include SW 6434 Spinach White, SW 8917 Shell White, and SW 9075 Berry Cream. Other complementary colors could be SW 6212 Quietude, SW 9060 Floral White, and SW 6328 Fireweed.

⭐Is SW 6723 Jardin a cool or warm color?

While SW Jardin is a vibrant shade of green, its noticeable blue undertones categorize it as a cool color. These cool undertones give it a fresh, calming aura, making it reminiscent of lush tropical gardens and sparkling turquoise seas.

⭐How does light affect the appearance of SW 6723 Jardin?

Lighting significantly impacts how we perceive Jardin. In natural daylight, its vibrant teal-like hue is very prominent. However, under artificial light, such as incandescent or warm LED lights, Jardin takes on a more subdued tone as the blue undertones become more pronounced.

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