Black Berry 2119-20 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

In the dynamic world of interior design, colors speak a silent, evocative language, setting the mood and tone of any space.

In the dynamic world of interior design, colors speak a silent, evocative language, setting the mood and tone of any space. Among the myriad of shades that have captured the attention of designers and homeowners alike is Benjamin Moore’s Black Berry 2119-20.

This article delves deep into the character of Black Berry 2119-20, exploring its hues, undertones, coordinating colors, and the impact of lighting on its perception.

We will also discuss its Light Reflectance Value (LRV) and suggest trim and complementary colors to help you incorporate this versatile shade into your decor with confidence.

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What Color Is Black Berry 2119-20?

Black Berry 2119-20 is a color that defies the mundane, a deep, saturated shade that bridges the gap between black and purple. It boasts a luxurious richness that evokes the ripe juiciness of its namesake fruit, offering depth and sophistication to any interior space.

This hue works spectacularly in interior styles that yearn for a statement, such as modern minimalism where its depth can create striking contrast, or eclectic styles where its intensity adds an air of the mysterious.

Black Berry 2119-20 pairs beautifully with plush velvets and soft leathers, reflective metals like brass and brushed nickel, and adds drama to natural textures such as wood and stone.

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Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

Black Berry 2119-20, with its purplish undertone, strides towards the cooler side of the spectrum. Its richness has a subtle ability to absorb light, lending a cooler touch to spaces that might otherwise feel stark or sterile. The coolness of Black Berry 2119-20 adds a contemplative and serene quality to interiors, making it an excellent choice for bedrooms or reading nooks.

It provides a regal backdrop that makes metallic accents pop and can balance spaces with an abundance of warm sunlight, ensuring the room remains a haven of cool sophistication.

Undertones of Black Berry 2119-20

Undertones are the underlying qualities of a color that emerge under different lighting conditions or when juxtaposed with other hues. Black Berry 2119-20 has a complex undertone that leans towards the enigmatic end of purple, lending it an air of nobility and mystery.

These undertones can transform the color from a near-black in dim light to a rich, velvet purple in a well-lit room, making it a dynamic choice for walls. In interior walls, these undertones can make spaces feel expansive and luxurious, while in smaller rooms, they offer a cozy, enveloping feel.

Coordinating Colors of Black Berry 2119-20

Coordinating colors are hues that harmonize with the primary color to create a cohesive palette. For Black Berry 2119-20, colors like BM 2138-60 Gray Cashmere, a soothing and airy gray; OC-130 Cloud White, a clean and crisp white; BM 2138-40 Carolina Gull, a medium-tone gray with green undertones; and BM 2090-40 Wild Flower, a bold magenta, pair splendidly.

BM 2138-60 Gray Cashmere is a versatile neutral with a tranquil feel. OC-130 Cloud White is a soft and pure white that offers a crisp contrast. BM 2138-40 Carolina Gull is a serene and adaptable gray that can appear more green or blue depending on the light. BM 2090-40 Wild Flower is a vibrant hue that can add a playful pop of color to a sophisticated palette.

Three additional coordinating colors for Black Berry 2119-20 are BM 2124-10 Wrought Iron, a moody dark gray with navy undertones; HC-169 Coventry Gray, a stately and timeless gray; and BM 2075-30 Pre-Dawn Sky, a bold and inviting red that brings warmth and energy.

How Does Lighting Affect Black Berry 2119-20?

Lighting is the alchemist of color, with its capacity to transform and dictate the mood of a room. Black Berry 2119-20 absorbs light due to its low LRV, and this attribute causes the color to shift dramatically under different lighting conditions.

In artificial light, it can appear almost coal-black, providing a grounding effect, while under natural daylight, its purple tones are enlivened, giving it a softer, more dimensional quality.

In north-facing rooms, it may reveal more of its cooler purple personality, whereas in south-facing rooms, the color can feel somewhat warmer during daylight hours.

In east-facing rooms, expect a bright and airy purple at sunrise that darkens throughout the day, and in west-facing rooms, the color will be cooler in the morning and dramatically warmer and richer at sunset.

LRV of Black Berry 2119-20

The LRV, or Light Reflectance Value, measures the percentage of light a color reflects. With an LRV of 6, Black Berry 2119-20 is on the lower end of the scale, absorbing more light than it reflects. This low LRV means that it can make a room feel more intimate and enclosed, which can be advantageous for creating a cozy and focused space.

However, it also means that it’s important to ensure adequate lighting in rooms where this color is used, to prevent the space from feeling too dark.

The low LRV of this color accentuates its luxurious depth, making it a dramatic choice that can be used to create a statement wall or an immersive room experience.4

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Trim Colors of Black Berry 2119-20

Trim colors are essential as they define and balance the relationship between walls and woodwork. For Black Berry 2119-20, shades of white trim can offer a striking contrast and highlight architectural details.

Colors like OC-151 White, OC-17 White Dove, and OC-65 Chantilly Lace are excellent choices. BM OC-151 White is a pure and bright white that creates a sharp contrast. BM OC-17 White Dove has a soft and warm touch that provides a gentle transition. BM OC-65 Chantilly Lace is a crisp white that offers a clean and contemporary edge.

Colors Similar to Black Berry 2119-20

Understanding similar colors is crucial for creating a nuanced and layered aesthetic. BM 2120-20 Black Iron is a less saturated black that carries a hint of blue. BM 2132-20 Ebony King is a deep black with a subtle brown undertone, offering warmth. BM 2127-20 Black Ink is a pure and deep black that can be stark or sophisticated depending on the lighting.

BM 2133-20 Black Jack is black with a strong gray base, providing a slightly lighter option that retains much of the same depth.

Colors That Go With Black Berry 2119-20

The art of pairing colors can enhance or dampen the ambiance of a room. Using complementary colors ensures that Black Berry 2119-20 does not overwhelm a space.

Colors by Benjamin Moore that go well with it include HC-172 Revere Pewter, a light gray with warm undertones; BM 2076-20 Royal Flush, a deep red with a hint of blue; HC-154 Hale Navy, a timeless navy blue; OC-19 Seapearl, an off-white with a warm undertone; and BM 2062-30 Blue Danube, a rich and saturated blue.

Each of these colors brings out a different facet of Black Berry 2119-20, from highlighting its depth to softening its impact.

How to Use Black Berry 2119-20 In Your Home?

Black Berry 2119-20, a deep and luxurious hue from Benjamin Moore, can transform your home into a statement of sophistication. Perfect for an accent wall in a minimalist or Scandinavian style living room, it adds depth and interest. In a modern or art deco-inspired dining area, it serves as a dramatic backdrop for vibrant art and metallic fixtures.

For those who embrace the dark and moody ambiance of industrial or contemporary design, using Black Berry 2119-20 throughout a study or library can create an enveloping sense of coziness and grandeur.

In a bohemian setting, pairing it with eclectic textiles and global-inspired decor will make the space feel grounded and intimate.

How to Use Black Berry 2119-20 in the Bedroom?

In the bedroom, Black Berry 2119-20 offers a cocoon-like atmosphere that is perfect for a restful retreat. Consider using it on a feature wall behind the headboard to create depth and focus. Balance its intensity with light-colored bedding and sheer curtains to maintain a tranquil space.

It’s an excellent backdrop for showcasing metallic accents or rich wooden furniture, enhancing the room’s luxurious feel. Soft lighting will draw out the subtle purple undertones, ensuring the space doesn’t feel too dark, making it a modern and intimate bedroom oasis.

How to Use Black Berry 2119-20 in the Bathroom?

Black Berry 2119-20 in a bathroom can turn the space into a spa-like sanctuary. Utilize it on cabinets or an accent wall to add depth and elegance. Pair with marble countertops, chrome fixtures, and plenty of mirrors to reflect light around the room, balancing the depth of the color.

For a cohesive look, incorporate fluffy white towels and a white bathmat. The rich hue lends itself well to an upscale, modern bathroom but can also complement a traditional space with the right lighting and gold or brass accents.

How to Use Black Berry 2119-20 in the Living Room?

In the living room, Black Berry 2119-20 can be both striking and grounding. Apply it to a feature wall to create a stunning backdrop for artwork and photos. It pairs beautifully with richly textured fabrics like velvet or silk in the throw pillows or drapery. To prevent the room from feeling too dark, balance it with lighter furnishings, and consider a plush, neutral-colored rug.

Ambient lighting can bring out the color’s depth, while strategic spotlights or candles can play up its cozy undertones, perfect for evenings spent with family or entertaining guests.

How to Use Black Berry 2119-20 for an Exterior?

Black Berry 2119-20 lends itself brilliantly to exterior use, imbuing your home’s facade with a sense of stately charm. It works particularly well on exterior doors, shutters, or trim, creating a striking contrast against lighter siding or brickwork.

For a cohesive design, pair it with soft white or gray accents. This color is bold but timeless, and using it in your home’s exterior can give it a distinguished look that stands out in the neighborhood, providing curb appeal that’s both luxurious and welcoming.

How to Use Black Berry 2119-20 in the Kitchen?

Incorporating Black Berry 2119-20 in a kitchen can produce a bold and appetizing effect. Using this shade on an accent wall can create a focal point and contrast beautifully with lighter cabinetry and countertops. It works especially well in a kitchen with abundant natural light, ensuring the space doesn’t feel too dark.

Complement it with brushed metal fixtures and warm wood tones for a balanced, modern look. This color is an excellent choice for a contemporary kitchen where it can create a sense of depth and luxury.

How to Use Black Berry 2119-20 on Kitchen Cabinets?

Black Berry 2119-20 on kitchen cabinets can anchor the space with elegance and depth. This bold move creates an immediate visual impact, ideal for larger kitchens or ones with good natural lighting to avoid a cave-like feeling. Offset the dark cabinets with lighter walls and countertops to maintain a balanced look.

Accentuate with under-cabinet lighting to enhance the ambiance and highlight the cabinetry’s color. This sophisticated choice pairs well with brushed gold or stainless steel hardware for a chic and trendy kitchen design.

Comparing Black Berry 2119-20 With Other Colors

Comparing different colors is a crucial part of the design process as it allows designers and homeowners to understand the dynamics between hues and how they affect each other and the space they are in. The comparison helps in selecting complementary colors for a cohesive palette, understanding the visual impact a color will have in a specific setting, and deciding on the mood or atmosphere one wants to create.

It is particularly important with bold colors like Black Berry 2119-20 to ensure they are balanced with the right counterparts to achieve the desired effect in an interior or exterior space.

Black Berry 2119-20 vs. BM 2119-70 Full Moon

When placed alongside the crisp lightness of BM 2119-70 Full Moon, Black Berry 2119-20 stands out as deeply saturated and rich. Full Moon, with its bright, almost ethereal quality, provides a stark contrast to the darker berry tones. While Black Berry 2119-20 offers a sense of depth and drama, Full Moon can open up a space, reflecting more light and giving an airy feel.

In a room, these two could work well together, with Full Moon on the majority of the walls and Black Berry 2119-20 as an accent, perhaps on trim or a feature wall, creating a dynamic and contemporary space.

Black Berry 2119-20 vs. BM 2119-60 Silver Lining

Silver Lining is a muted, soft gray with a subtle luminosity that contrasts with the deep and velvety Black Berry 2119-20. While Black Berry envelops a room in sophistication, Silver Lining introduces a breath of calm and serenity.

Used together, Silver Lining could serve as a restful backdrop for furniture or décor in Black Berry 2119-20, preventing the dark shade from overwhelming a space. This juxtaposition can create a room that feels balanced, with just enough tension between light and dark to make it visually interesting.

Black Berry 2119-20 vs. BM 2119-50 Nickel

Nickel is a mid-tone gray with warm undertones that can create a neutral backdrop in any space. When compared to Black Berry 2119-20, Nickel appears much lighter and can act as a grounding middle ground between the stark contrast of Black Berry and a pure white.

In a space, Nickel could be used on large surfaces such as walls, with Black Berry 2119-20 accentuating door frames or furniture pieces, providing a sophisticated palette that’s neither too bright nor too oppressive.

Black Berry 2119-20 vs. BM 1410 Iced Lavender

Iced Lavender is a soft, muted purple with gray undertones that provides a tranquil and soothing feel. Against the dark and intense Black Berry 2119-20, Iced Lavender offers a gentle reprieve. When used together, these colors can create a space that feels both rich and restorative, with Iced Lavender softening the boldness of Black Berry 2119-20.

It’s an excellent pairing for a bedroom where the calming properties of lavender hues can be balanced with the luxurious depth of Black Berry for a restful yet sophisticated ambiance.

Black Berry 2119-20 vs. BM 2119-10 Space Black

BM 2119-10 Space Black is a true, deep black that absorbs almost all light, offering a stark or dramatic feel to spaces. Next to Black Berry 2119-20, which has more depth due to its purple undertones, Space Black can make Black Berry seem almost vibrant in comparison.

Used together, they can create an edgy and modern look, ideal for a minimalist space where the interplay of different blacks can add layers and textures without introducing additional colors.

Black Berry 2119-20 vs. BM 2119-40 Silver Streak

Silver Streak is a light gray with a silvery sheen, and its luminous quality can act as a counterbalance to the intensity of Black Berry 2119-20. While Black Berry provides a strong presence, Silver Streak can help to illuminate and enhance the space, making it appear larger and more open.

This combination can be especially effective in a contemporary setting where the contrast between the two creates a visually striking effect.


The strategic comparison of colors like Black Berry 2119-20 with a range of other hues from Benjamin Moore’s palette can significantly influence the aesthetic and mood of any given space. Lighter colors like Full Moon and Silver Lining provide a striking contrast that can open up a space, while closer tones like Nickel offer a subtle and sophisticated blend.

The use of varying colors alongside Black Berry 2119-20 demonstrates the versatility of this deep hue and how it can be adapted to different styles and atmospheres, from calming and restorative to bold and dramatic.

The right color pairing can enhance the inherent qualities of Black Berry 2119-20, making it a standout choice for those looking to create a space with character and depth.
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