Something Blue SW 6800 Paint Color by Sherwin-Williams

SW 6800 Something Blue: the versatile choice for your home

As you contemplate the multitude of paint color options available, the search for the perfect shade may seem like an overwhelming task. However, some colors captivate with their versatility, flexibility, and unique undertones. One such color is Sherwin Williams’ SW 6800 Something Blue.

An appealing shade that brings a breath of fresh air into any space, Something Blue has a personality that adapts wonderfully to various moods, lighting conditions, and design styles

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What Color Is SW 6800 Something Blue?

SW 6800 Something Blue is a light to medium blue hue that carries the charm and tranquility of a clear sky on a sunny day. It bears a certain softness that balances its vividness, making it neither overpowering nor subdued. Its primary characteristic is its cool and refreshing aura, reminiscent of gentle waves lapping against a sandy beach or a breezy summer day with cotton candy clouds dotting the sky.

While the dominant visual impression is of a straightforward blue, Something Blue has a complexity that reveals itself upon closer inspection. Its depth and richness stem from its undertones, which lend this shade its unique personality and charm.

How this color interacts with light, its surrounding environment, and other hues in its vicinity offers a fascinating glimpse into the dynamic nature of paint colors.

Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

SW 6800 Something Blue is a cool color. It belongs to the family of blues, known for its calming and soothing characteristics. Cool colors, like Something Blue, tend to recede in a space, making rooms appear larger and more spacious. This attribute can be especially beneficial in smaller rooms or areas where you want to enhance the perception of space.

Undertones of SW 6800 Something Blue

The undertones of color are the colors that subtly emerge under different lighting conditions or when paired with other colors. For SW Something Blue, these undertones include:

  • Sky Blue: This is the most prominent undertone that gives Something Blue its characteristic freshness and openness.
  • Soft Violet: When paired with certain colors or in specific lighting conditions, Something Blue can exhibit a soft, almost imperceptible violet undertone, adding an extra layer of depth to the color.
  • Pale Gray: Under some lighting conditions, a pale, cool gray undertone may be noticeable, giving the color a slightly muted and sophisticated quality.

Undertones play a significant role in influencing the overall look and feel of color. They can either complement or contrast with other colors in a room, affecting color harmony and balance.

By recognizing and understanding these undertones, you can make more informed decisions about color pairings and achieve your desired ambiance.

Coordinating Colors of SW 6800 Something Blue

Coordinating colors are the colors that harmonize well with a given color, creating a pleasing and cohesive look. For Something Blue, some of the coordinating colors are:

  • SW 6798 Iceberg: A lighter and softer blue, Iceberg complements Something Blue by enhancing its freshness and vibrancy without competing for attention.
  • SW 7566 Westhighland White: This off-white hue provides a crisp contrast to Something Blue, helping to highlight its depth and richness.
  • SW 6679 Full Moon: As a yellow-based color, Full Moon offers a warm counterpoint to the coolness of Something Blue, creating an interesting and dynamic color interplay.

In addition to these, you can also consider SW 6519 Hinting Blue, SW 6501 Manitou Blue, and SW 7667 Zircon as coordinating colors. These shades echo the cool undertones of Something Blue and can help to create a monochromatic or analogous color scheme, which is harmonious and easy on the eyes.

Coordinating colors are crucial in creating a balanced and harmonious color scheme. By understanding how different colors interact with each other, you can create a cohesive and visually pleasing design that enhances the overall ambiance of your space.

How Does Lighting Affect SW 6800 Something Blue?

Lighting significantly influences how we perceive color, and SW Something Blue is no exception. Under natural light, it exhibits its truest blue hue, especially in spaces with ample sunlight. The cool undertones become more noticeable, contributing to the color’s fresh and invigorating quality.

In contrast, artificial lighting can alter this perception. Incandescent lights, which have a warmer glow, can slightly mute the cool undertones and bring out a softer, more muted quality in Something Blue. On the other hand, fluorescent lighting, known for its cool and bluish tone, can enhance the color’s cool characteristics, making it appear brighter and more vibrant.

LRV of SW 6800 Something Blue

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects. On a scale of 0 (absolute black) to 100 (pure white), Something Blue has an LRV of 64. This means it reflects a substantial amount of light, making it a relatively light color.

Colors with a high LRV, like SW Something Blue, can make spaces appear larger and more open. They are ideal for smaller rooms or spaces with limited natural light as they can maximize the perception of space and light.

However, it’s important to note that while Something Blue is a light color, it’s not pale or washed out. It has enough saturation to hold its own, even in a brightly lit room, and doesn’t easily fade into the background. The relatively high LRV also means that Something Blue works well in a variety of lighting conditions, exhibiting a pleasing hue whether in bright sunlight or under artificial lights.

LRV – what does it mean? Read This Before Finding Your Perfect Paint Color

Trim Colors of SW 6800 Something Blue

Choosing the right trim color can significantly enhance the visual appeal of your wall color. For Something Blue, consider these shades of white from Sherwin-Williams:

  • SW 7005 Pure White: This is a neutral, bright white that provides a crisp contrast to Something Blue, making the blue tones pop.
  • SW 7008 Alabaster: As an off-white color with subtle warm undertones, Alabaster can soften the coolness of SW Something Blue, creating a balanced look.
  • SW 7551 Greek Villa: A slightly warm white SW Greek Villa can harmonize with SW Something Blue by subtly echoing its cool undertones while also providing a gentle contrast.

Trim colors are crucial for defining and identifying architectural details, such as doorways, window frames, and moldings. They help to break up the space and add layers of visual interest.

By choosing a trim color that complements your main wall color, you can enhance the overall aesthetics and cohesion of your design scheme.

Colors Similar to SW 6800 Something Blue

Knowing similar colors to your chosen color can be useful when you want to maintain a particular color scheme but need options for different areas or elements in your space. Some colors similar to Something Blue include:

  1. Behr Monaco
  2. BM Ocean Breeze
  3. PPG Ariel
  4. Valspar Summer Sky

Each of these hues shares the cool, tranquil quality of SW Something Blue, but they vary in saturation and undertones, offering a range of alternatives to suit different design needs.

Understanding similar colors is important as it expands your palette options and helps create a cohesive color scheme. It can allow you to play with depth and dimension while maintaining color harmony in your design.

Colors That Go With SW 6800 Something Blue

Pairing SW Something Blue with other harmonious colors can create a captivating color scheme. Here are some colors that go well with it:

  • SW 6119 Antique White: This warm, off-white color provides a beautiful contrast to Something Blue, bringing out its vibrancy.
  • SW 6044 Doeskin: As a neutral, mid-tone taupe, Doeskin can balance out the coolness of Something Blue, adding a touch of earthy warmth to the color scheme.
  • SW 7673 Pewter Cast: This gray color with slight green undertones can add a sophisticated touch when paired with Something Blue.
  • SW 6884 Obstinate Orange: For a more daring and energetic look, Obstinate Orange can provide a striking contrast to Something Blue, creating an unexpected yet pleasing combination.
  • SW 6991 Black Magic: This deep, dark black can give a dramatic edge to Something Blue, making it stand out more prominently.
  • SW 7666 Fleur de Sel: This cool white hue can enhance the freshness of Something Blue, creating a serene and airy palette.

Understanding which colors go well with your chosen color can help create a visually pleasing and harmonious color scheme. It enables you to create an environment that suits your aesthetic preferences and enhances the overall ambiance of your space.

How to Use SW 6800 Something Blue In Your Home?

SW Something Blue is a versatile color that can work beautifully in various spaces and design styles. Its soothing quality makes it an excellent choice for bedrooms and bathrooms, while its vibrancy can add a refreshing touch to living areas and kitchens.

Whether you lean towards traditional, contemporary, coastal, or minimalist design, Something Blue can adapt to your style and lend a unique charm to your home.

How to Use SW 6800 Something Blue in the Bedroom?

In the bedroom, SW Something Blue can create a serene and calming atmosphere conducive to relaxation and restful sleep. Whether on all walls or just an accent wall, this color can bring in the sense of tranquility that’s ideal for a sleeping space. Pair it with crisp whites or soothing greys for a classic look, or combine it with richer, darker tones for a more dramatic effect.

If you want to create a more dynamic look, consider using Something Blue for a feature wall behind the headboard. Complement it with neutral furnishings and accents in coordinating colors to create a cohesive and balanced look. The flexibility of Something Blue allows it to adapt to various design themes, from modern minimalism to rustic chic.

How to Use SW 6800 Something Blue in the Bathroom?

The bathroom is another space where Something Blue can work its magic. Its cool undertones can evoke the freshness of the water, making it a perfect fit for this space. Pair it with crisp whites for a classic, clean look, or add pops of vibrant colors like coral or sunny yellow for a more playful vibe.

SW Something Blue can also work beautifully with various tile colors and finishes. It can bring out the beauty of white subway tiles, add a refreshing contrast to wooden finishes, or harmonize with cool-toned marble. The possibilities are endless with this versatile shade.

How to Use SW 6800 Something Blue in the Living Room?

In the living room, this light blue color can serve as a vibrant yet soothing backdrop for various design elements. It pairs well with various colors, from soft neutrals to bold hues, making it an excellent choice for this communal space. Use it on all walls for a cohesive look or on a feature wall to create a focal point.

Using SW 6800 Something Blue for an Exterior?

SW 6800 Something Blue is a charming and uplifting shade, perfect for those looking to bring fresh, youthful energy to their exterior. This paint color, which is similar to the color of clear summer skies, can create a unique and distinctive facade that stands out in any neighborhood.

To use this color on your exterior, start by prepping the surface by cleaning it, removing any loose paint, and applying a primer if necessary. Then, apply the paint evenly using a roller for large areas and a brush for detail work.

Regarding color pairing, SW 6800 Something Blue can be complemented by crisp white trims and shutters to enhance its vibrancy. Moreover, it pairs well with a range of natural materials such as wood, brick, or stone and could be juxtaposed with darker colors for a striking contrast. Consider using Something Blue on the front door or as an accent color on window frames or railings to make a strong visual statement.

Using SW 6800 Something Blue for the Kitchen?

A kitchen is a place of energy, creativity, and warmth, and your choice of color can significantly influence these qualities. SW 6800 Something Blue can be an excellent choice for a kitchen, infusing the space with a sense of cleanliness and calmness. Applying this color to the walls can provide a soothing backdrop for the bustling activities of cooking and dining. Remember to prepare the walls properly by cleaning them, smoothing any rough areas, and applying a suitable primer.

When paired with other elements in the kitchen, Something Blue can provide a wide range of design possibilities. For instance, it can create a beautiful contrast with white or cream-colored countertops and tiles. Stainless steel appliances can also add a sleek, modern touch to the coolness of Something Blue.

If you have an open-plan kitchen, using this color can help differentiate the kitchen area without causing a jarring visual break.

Using SW 6800 Something Blue for the Kitchen Cabinets?

Kitchen cabinets make a significant visual impact, so choosing the right color is crucial. With SW 6800 Something Blue, you can turn your cabinets into a striking design feature. This color gives the cabinets a fresh and clean appearance, making your kitchen feel more open and airy. Make sure to properly prep your cabinets for painting by removing any existing finish, filling in any dents or scratches, and applying a quality primer before painting.

SW Something Blue can be well-matched with a variety of kitchen elements. It pairs well with both light and dark countertops, providing a pop of color against neutral tones. For the hardware, consider using brushed nickel or chrome handles and knobs to accentuate the cool tone of the paint.

Furthermore, if your kitchen has an island, painting it in SW 6800 can create a gorgeous centerpiece that sets the tone for the entire room.

Comparing SW 6800 Something Blue With Other Colors

Here you can read how SW Something Blue compares with other colors. This will help you understand how different LRVs and undertones make colors unique.

SW 6800 Something Blue vs. SW 7006 Extra White

SW 6800 Something Blue and SW 7006 Extra White create a classic and timeless color pairing. The fresh, airy tone of Something Blue is perfectly balanced by the clean, crispness of Extra White. This combination can be applied to any room to provide a bright, calming atmosphere.

It’s especially effective when used in a kitchen or bathroom where the contrast can create an open, clean look.

SW 6800 Something Blue vs. SW 7069 Iron Ore

A rich, deep color like SW 7069 Iron Ore offers a dramatic contrast to the uplifting and lighter shade of Something Blue. The contrast of these two shades can bring depth and interest to a space, creating a modern and bold aesthetic. This color combination can be perfect for creating feature walls or accents that demand attention.

SW 6800 Something Blue vs. SW 6210 Window Pane

SW 6210 Window Pane is a light, muted blue-green that harmonizes beautifully with Something Blue. The pairing of these two colors creates a serene, relaxing atmosphere ideal for bedrooms or living spaces where tranquility is desired. Their similarity in tones allows for a monochromatic scheme, but the subtle differences provide visual interest.

SW 6800 Something Blue vs. SW 7536 Bittersweet Stem

The earthy, warm tone of SW 7536 Bittersweet Stem provides a wonderful contrast to the coolness of Something Blue. This color pairing creates a balanced and harmonious palette, with the warm and cool tones playing off each other. Bittersweet Stem can bring in elements of nature, making it a perfect match for Something Blue in a study or home office.

SW 6800 Something Blue vs. SW 7012 Creamy

Combining SW 6800 Something Blue with SW 7012 Creamy can create a soft, inviting color palette. Creamy, with its light, warm off-white hue, complements Something Blue’s vibrant and cool tone, providing a cozy and soothing atmosphere. This pair can be excellent for living rooms or bedrooms, promoting a peaceful environment.

SW 6800 Something Blue vs. SW 7587 Antique Red

For a more daring and dynamic palette, pair SW 6800 Something Blue with SW 7587 Antique Red. The warm, deep tone of Antique Red creates a vibrant contrast with the cool, refreshing shade of Something Blue. This exciting color combination can be perfect for stimulating creativity in an art room or bringing life to a dining room.


SW 6800 Something Blue is a versatile, refreshing, and energetic color that brings to mind clear skies and calm seas. Its soothing tones make it an ideal color for creating peaceful, relaxed environments, while its vibrancy can energize and invigorate a room.

Whether paired with crisp whites, dramatic dark hues, similar soft blues, warm earth tones, or even bold, vibrant colors, Something Blue proves to be a flexible color that can adapt to a wide variety of design aesthetics and moods.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What kind of finish does SW 6800 Something Blue come in?

The paint finish can greatly affect the look and feel of a color. It's common for a paint color to be available in different finishes, such as matte, eggshell, semi-gloss, and high gloss.

⭐What are the recommended applications for SW 6800 Something Blue?

Some colors work better in certain types of spaces or under specific lighting conditions. It's helpful to know where the manufacturer suggests using this specific color.

⭐How does SW 6800 Something Blue change under different lighting conditions?

Colors can appear differently depending on the type of lighting they are under. This is important to know for planning the color scheme of a space.

⭐What are some coordinating colors for SW 6800 Something Blue?

Most people won't be using just one color in their space. Having some recommendations for coordinating colors can be a big help in planning a color scheme.

⭐What is the coverage rate for SW 6800 Something Blue?

Knowing how much area a can of paint will cover is important for planning how much paint to buy. This might be given in square footage or square meters per can.

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