Guild Grey SW 9561 Paint Color by Sherwin-Williams

An Exploration of Color and Design

Colors speak to us in a language of their own, carrying their distinctive notes and hues into our homes and creating a harmonious living environment that is a reflection of our personal tastes. One such color that resonates with a myriad of design choices and conveys a unique charm is Sherwin Williams’ 9561 Guild Grey.

This color subtly whispers elegance and carries a versatile quality that makes it suitable for various design contexts.

This article will delve into the depths of Guild Grey, exploring its character, coordinating colors, undertones, how it interacts with light, and more. Understanding these elements can help you unlock its full potential in your home’s design scheme.

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What Color Is SW 9561 Guild Grey?

SW Guild Grey is a soothing color that gently occupies the space between grey and taupe, capturing a sophisticated balance that leans into both realms. It is a soft, muted hue that is reminiscent of early morning fog or the smooth surface of a pebble, carrying an essence of calm, tranquility, and understated elegance. Neither overwhelmingly dark nor excessively light, SW Guild Grey lands in the perfect middle ground, making it a versatile color that can be used in an array of different spaces.

From a distance, SW Guild Grey appears predominantly grey, but closer inspection reveals subtle notes of taupe that add a unique depth to the color. This complexity allows it to serve as a splendid neutral base, blending seamlessly with various color schemes while still holding its own.

Its understated sophistication and graceful adaptability make it a popular choice among interior designers and homeowners alike.

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Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

Despite its initial grey appearance, SW Guild Grey is a warm-toned color. This is primarily due to the subtle taupe undertones that add a layer of warmth to its character. Warm colors, such as SW Guild Grey, tend to evoke feelings of comfort and coziness, making them ideal for creating inviting living spaces.

The warmth of SW Guild Grey promotes an ambiance of serenity and tranquility, which makes it an excellent choice for bedrooms, living rooms, and other areas meant for relaxation.

Undertones of SW 9561 Guild Grey

Understanding the undertones of color is crucial as they subtly influence how we perceive the main color. The undertones of SW Guild Grey include:

  • Brown: The most dominant undertone, the brown element gives Guild Grey its warm characteristic and pushes it slightly towards taupe.
  • Beige: This undertone amplifies the warmth of Guild Grey, providing it with a softer, more earthy feel.
  • Blue: Although less prominent, the hint of blue in Guild Grey serves as a counterbalance to its warm undertones, introducing a slightly cool touch to the mix. This blue undertone helps enhance Guild Grey’s versatility.

Undertones can change the overall look of color depending on the surrounding colors, light, and decor. They subtly shift and sway, acting almost like a chameleon, which adds depth and dimension to the color.

Coordinating Colors of SW 9561 Guild Grey

Coordinating colors are those that harmonize with a primary color, helping to create a cohesive and pleasing color scheme. Here are the coordinating colors for SW Guild Grey:

  1. SW 9541 White Snow: A pristine, bright white that contrasts well with Guild Grey, creating a vibrant, airy ambiance.
  2. SW 9574 Hulett Ore: A robust, earthy color that complements Guild Grey’s warmth, enhancing the overall cozy feel.
  3. SW 9560 Night Out: This deeper shade of grey adds drama and depth when paired with Guild Grey.
  4. SW 9543 Gypsum: A soft white-grey color that blends smoothly with Guild Grey, maintaining a muted, elegant color scheme.
  5. SW 9558 Castlegate: A rich, golden beige color that plays up Guild Grey’s warm undertones.
  6. SW 9550 Mercurial: This cool-toned grey offers a pleasing contrast to Guild Grey’s warmth, introducing an element of balance.

For similar effects, consider these additional colors:

  1. SW 7634 Pediment: This complex neutral with warm undertones pairs well with Guild Grey, enriching its earthy feel.
  2. SW 7008 Alabaster: A pure, warm white that creates a clean contrast with Guild Grey’s muted character.
  3. SW 7015 Repose Gray: This light gray color with warm undertones enhances the subtlety of Guild Grey, keeping the palette soft and soothing.

These coordinating colors can help establish a comprehensive design scheme, each one serving to highlight a different aspect of Guild Grey’s character.

How Does Lighting Affect SW 9561 Guild Grey?

Lighting plays a significant role in how we perceive color. SW Guild Grey is particularly responsive to different lighting conditions, owing to its complex undertones. In a well-lit space with ample natural light, Guild Grey tends to appear lighter and lean more towards its beige undertones, projecting a soft, warm ambiance.

In contrast, in a room with less natural light or under artificial lighting, SW Guild Grey can appear darker and pull more toward its grey elements. The blue undertones may also become more noticeable in certain artificial lighting conditions, adding an intriguing cool touch to the overall warm appearance.

This dynamic nature makes Guild Grey a fascinating color to work with, as it can adapt and change with the room’s lighting conditions throughout the day, offering a different visual experience in the morning light versus the evening glow.

LRV of SW 9561 Guild Grey

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) measures the percentage of light a paint color reflects. LRV is a crucial factor to consider when selecting paint, as it helps determine how light or dark a color will appear. Guild Grey has an LRV of 63, which places it in the light category but towards the higher end, indicating that it will reflect a significant amount of light.

An LRV of 63 means that Guild Grey can make a room feel brighter and more spacious. It’s a brilliant choice for smaller spaces or rooms with less natural light, as it can help to expand the area and add a sense of openness visually.

Despite its light LRV, Guild Grey’s warm undertones and depth of color prevent it from feeling stark or clinical. Instead, it delivers a comforting, welcoming atmosphere that beautifully balances brightness with warmth. This is a part of Guild Grey’s charm – it is light and airy yet warm and inviting, providing the best of both worlds.

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Trim Colors of SW 9561 Guild Grey

The right trim color can beautifully frame a room, highlighting architectural details and providing a crisp finish. Here are three Sherwin Williams shades of white that can work well with Guild Grey:

  • SW 7008 Alabaster: This warm white will enhance the beige undertones in Guild Grey, creating a seamless, harmonious look.
  • SW 7006 Extra White: For a more striking contrast, Extra White is a cool, bright white that can make Guild Grey stand out more prominently.
  • SW 7566 Westhighland White: This soft, creamy white offers a subtle contrast, blending smoothly with Guild Grey’s warm character.

Trim colors are vital as they help define and refine the room’s design, adding an element of sophistication and completeness. They provide the finishing touches that pull the entire look together.

Colors Similar to SW 9561 Guild Grey

Knowing similar colors to your primary color can be beneficial, especially when you want to maintain a consistent color theme across different rooms or surfaces. Here are some Sherwin Williams colors similar to SW Guild Grey:

  • SW 7648 Big Chill: A cooler grey that echoes the muted sophistication of Guild Grey.
  • SW 9551 Skipping Rocks: A slightly warmer grey that shares Guild Grey’s comforting, welcoming feel.
  • SW 7671 On the Rocks: A neutral gray with a similar lightness to Guild Grey.
  • SW 9549 Touch of Grey: A deeper gray with a warm undertone that aligns with Guild Grey’s character.

Having similar colors at your disposal gives you the flexibility to experiment with different shades while ensuring a harmonious flow between spaces.

Colors That Go With SW 9561 Guild Grey

SW Guild Grey’s versatility allows it to pair beautifully with a wide array of colors. Here are six colors that can complement Guild Grey:

  • SW 7036 Accessible Beige: This soft beige enhances Guild Grey’s warm undertones.
  • SW 6204 Sea Salt: A light green with a hint of blue, this color introduces a refreshing, natural element to the mix.
  • SW 6258 Tricorn Black: This deep black offers a dramatic contrast, adding depth and intensity to Guild Grey’s softness.
  • SW 7006 Extra White: This bright white provides a clean, vibrant contrast to Guild Grey’s muted character.
  • SW 6050 Abalone Shell: A warm, muted pink that brings out the softness of Guild Grey.
  • SW 6230 Rainstorm: A deep, vibrant blue that pairs beautifully with Guild Grey for a more adventurous color scheme.

Choosing colors that coordinate well together ensures a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing design scheme. A well-balanced color palette can enhance the overall mood and ambiance of a space, creating a visually cohesive and inviting environment.

How to Use SW 9561 Guild Grey In Your Home?

SW Guild Grey’s adaptability makes it an excellent choice for various rooms and styles. Its warm undertones make it ideal for rooms meant for relaxation and comfort, such as living rooms and bedrooms. On the other hand, its light LRV allows it to work well in smaller spaces, such as bathrooms, to create an open, spacious feel.

In terms of design styles, this color can fit into a range of aesthetics. It works well in modern and contemporary designs due to its understated sophistication. Its soft, muted hue complements Scandinavian and minimalist designs, while its warm undertones make it a natural fit for rustic, farmhouse, and traditional styles.

How to Use SW 9561 Guild Grey in the Bedroom?

In the bedroom, Guild Grey can create a soothing, tranquil atmosphere. It promotes rest and relaxation, which are crucial in a space meant for unwinding and sleeping. Painting your walls with Guild Grey can transform your bedroom into a serene sanctuary. Pair it with soft whites or creams for a gentle contrast, or opt for deeper hues like blues or greens for a bit of drama.

Consider accenting with plush fabrics and warm wood tones to enhance Guild Grey’s comforting qualities further. It can serve as a beautiful backdrop for a variety of decor styles, from rustic wooden furniture to modern metallic accents. Whether your bedroom is a minimalist retreat or a cozy haven, Guild Grey can seamlessly adapt to enhance the mood.

How to Use SW 9561 Guild Grey in the Bathroom?

For bathrooms, Guild Grey is a fantastic choice to establish a clean, fresh, and calming ambiance. The color is light enough to keep the space feeling airy and open yet possesses enough depth to add character and dimension. It’s an excellent option for both small powder rooms and expansive master baths.

Pair SW Guild Grey with bright whites for a classic, timeless look. Alternatively, combine it with earthy tones or subtle pastels for a more contemporary feel. Whether you opt for a sleek, modern design with glossy surfaces or lean into a more traditional look with antique finishes, Guild Grey can serve as a stable, welcoming base color.

How to Use SW 9561 Guild Grey in the Living Room?

SW Guild Grey in the living room can create a warm, inviting atmosphere, perfect for gathering and relaxing. Its subtle undertones and light reflectance value make it an excellent choice for living rooms of all sizes, from cozy dens to grand sitting rooms.

Guild Grey works well with a variety of accent colors, from warm beiges and browns to cooler blues and greens. It can hold its own against vibrant colors without overpowering them and can add depth and character when paired with softer hues. Whether your style leans more toward mid-century modern or rustic chic, Guild Grey can help to enhance your living room’s overall design.

How to Use SW 9561 Guild Grey for an Exterior?

Exteriors painted in Guild Grey can present a picture of understated elegance and warmth. This color is versatile enough to work on a variety of architectural styles, from traditional homes to contemporary designs. Its muted hue can blend seamlessly with natural surroundings, making it a great choice for homes with lush landscaping or beautiful views.

To complete the exterior look, consider pairing Guild Grey with crisp white trims for classic contrast. Alternatively, accent it with deeper greys or earthy tones for a more modern, monochromatic palette. With its combination of warmth and sophistication, Guild Grey can provide your home with a welcoming exterior that stands the test of time.

How to Use SW 9561 Guild Grey for the Kitchen?

Kitchens bathed in Guild Grey can exude a warm, inviting ambiance, making them the heart of your home. Its lightness can make the kitchen feel more spacious and open, while its warm undertones can add a touch of coziness. Guild Grey is versatile enough to complement a variety of kitchen styles, from sleek, modern designs to rustic farmhouse aesthetics.

Consider pairing Guild Grey with white or cream for a clean, classic look. Or, introduce accents of bold, vibrant colors for a playful, contemporary feel. Whether your kitchen features glossy countertops or wooden cabinets, Guild Grey can provide a beautiful backdrop that highlights the room’s features.

How to Use SW 9561 Guild Grey for the Kitchen Cabinets?

Painting your kitchen cabinets in Guild Grey can instantly elevate their look, adding depth and sophistication. This color is versatile enough to complement various design elements, from stainless steel appliances to wooden countertops. The end result is a balanced, stylish kitchen that feels both welcoming and refined.

Pair Guild Grey cabinets with white or light-colored walls for a timeless, classic kitchen look. Alternatively, consider a more adventurous approach by using a contrasting color for your walls, like a deep blue or a vibrant green. This will allow the Guild Grey cabinets to stand out and become a focal point in your kitchen.

Comparing SW 9561 Guild Grey With Other Colors

Color comparison is a critical step in the design process because colors can significantly impact each other when placed side by side. They can either enhance or dampen each other’s qualities, leading to different visual experiences. It’s essential to compare colors to understand how they interact and affect each other, ensuring a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing end result. Below, you can read how SW Guild Grey compares with other colors.

SW 9561 Guild Grey vs. SW 7036 Accessible Beige

When compared to Accessible Beige, Guild Grey appears cooler and more muted. While both colors have warm undertones, Accessible Beige leans more towards the warm side, bringing out the subtle coolness in Guild Grey. This difference in temperature makes for a dynamic yet harmonious pairing.

SW 9561 Guild Grey vs. SW 6204 Sea Salt

SW Guild Grey and Sea Salt create a soft, nature-inspired color palette when paired together. SW Sea Salt, light green with a hint of blue, adds a refreshing touch to Guild Grey’s earthy undertones, making the latter appear more grounded and warm.

SW 9561 Guild Grey vs. SW 6258 Tricorn Black

Against the deep, intense Tricorn Black, Guild Grey stands out as a light, soft, and warm color. The stark contrast between the two emphasizes Guild Grey’s lightness and warmth, giving it a soothing, inviting quality.

SW 9561 Guild Grey vs. SW 7006 Extra White

Compared to the bright, cool Extra White, Guild Grey reveals its warm, earthy character. The stark brightness of Extra White enhances Guild Grey’s subtle beige undertones, making it appear more cozy and welcoming.

SW 9561 Guild Grey vs. SW 6050 Abalone Shell

The muted, warm pink of the Abalone Shell color accentuates Guild Grey’s soothing and calming properties. Against Abalone Shell, Guild Grey appears more neutral and balanced, providing a calming base for the softer pink.

SW 9561 Guild Grey vs. SW 6230 Rainstorm

Against the vibrant, deep Rainstorm, Guild Grey holds its own as a muted, sophisticated color. The contrast between the vibrant blue and the muted grey-beige emphasizes Guild Grey’s neutral, versatile nature. It proves that Guild Grey can balance out more adventurous colors without losing its charm.


SW 9561 Guild Grey is an incredibly versatile color that can add depth, warmth, and sophistication to any space. Its ability to adapt to various lighting conditions, coordinate with a wide array of colors, and suit numerous design styles make it a valuable addition to any designer’s palette. Whether you use it in the bedroom, bathroom, living room, kitchen, or even on your home’s exterior, Guild Grey promises to deliver a soothing, inviting ambiance.

Moreover, its complex undertones and relatively high LRV make it an excellent choice for both small, intimate spaces and larger, open areas. The importance of color comparison, as illustrated with six other colors, further highlights Guild Grey’s adaptability and its ability to create different moods and visual experiences.

Whether you’re designing a serene sanctuary in your bedroom, a clean and fresh bathroom, a warm and inviting living room, or a sophisticated kitchen, SW 9561 Guild Grey stands ready to enhance your design vision. Its charm lies in its balance – a soothing grey, a warming beige, and a versatile neutral, all in one.

With Guild Grey, you’re not just choosing a color; you’re choosing a transformative design element that can bring comfort, elegance, and harmony to your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What kind of undertones does SW 9561 Guild Grey have?

Guild Grey carries subtle warm undertones of beige and brown. It is a complex and layered color that shifts subtly depending on the lighting and surrounding colors, but it leans more towards a warm hue.

⭐What colors coordinate well with SW 9561 Guild Grey?

Guild Grey pairs beautifully with a wide array of colors. It works well with SW 9541 White Snow, SW 9574 Hulett Ore, SW 9560 Night Out, SW 9543 Gypsum, SW 9558 Castlegate, and SW 9550 Mercurial. Additionally, it can also complement vibrant colors like blues and greens or create a serene palette when paired with whites and beiges.

⭐What is the LRV of SW 9561 Guild Grey?

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of Guild Grey is 63. This relatively high LRV means that it reflects a significant amount of light, making it a good choice for making spaces feel more open and airy.

⭐Can I use SW 9561 Guild Grey in a small space?

Yes, Guild Grey is a great choice for small spaces due to its high LRV. It can help to make small rooms feel larger and more open. It can also bring warmth and depth to a small space without overwhelming it.

⭐Is Guild Grey suitable for an exterior?

Absolutely. Guild Grey is a versatile color that can lend sophistication and warmth to your home's exterior. It blends well with natural surroundings and complements various architectural styles.

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