Teal Blast 2039-40 Paint Color by Benjamin Moore

Colors hold the power to transform a space with a stroke of a brush, to influence moods, and to create ambiance.

Colors hold the power to transform a space with a stroke of a brush, to influence moods, and to create ambiance. As we look towards home design trends, specific colors emerge as representatives of the zeitgeist. Teal Blast 2039-40 is one such hue that encapsulates a blend of modern sophistication and tranquil harmony.

In this article, we’ll delve into the specifics of this color, its temperature, undertones, and coordinating shades, as well as how lighting and Light Reflectance Value (LRV) influence its appearance.

We’ll also explore trim colors and similar shades, before concluding with compatible colors that can create a cohesive palette alongside Teal Blast 2039-40.

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What Color Is Teal Blast 2039-40?

Teal Blast 2039-40, a hue that straddles the line between blue and green, carries the depth of the ocean and the tranquility of the sky. It is a medium to dark shade that speaks of refinement and contemporary elegance. This color is versatile in its essence, fitting seamlessly into various interior styles such as modern minimalist, bohemian, or coastal chic.

Its rich saturation works exceptionally well with natural materials like unfinished wood, stone, and linen textures, bringing out an organic feel. Teal Blast 2039-40 can also be paired with metallics like brushed gold or copper for a touch of glamour, or with glass and mirrored surfaces to enhance its inherent brightness.


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Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

Teal Blast 2039-40 leans towards the cooler end of the spectrum, carrying with it a refreshing and serene vibe. Cool colors are known to have a calming effect, making them ideal for spaces designed for relaxation and contemplation, such as bedrooms and bathrooms.

The coolness of Teal Blast 2039-40 can provide a visual escape, evoking the crispness of a sea breeze or the shade of dense foliage. In homes, this hue helps to create a retreat from the warmth and chaos of the outside world, establishing an atmosphere of composed tranquility.

Undertones of Teal Blast 2039-40

Every color carries underlying tones that can surface depending on the lighting and surrounding elements. Teal Blast 2039-40 harbors undertones of gray, which lend it a muted sophistication. Undertones are pivotal in color perception; they can make a color feel warmer or cooler and can even alter its visual weight in a space.

For Teal Blast 2039-40, these gray undertones bring a grounding element, allowing the color to maintain its vibrancy without overwhelming the senses. On interior walls, these undertones ensure that Teal Blast remains dynamic, subtly changing in different lights, thus providing an ever-evolving backdrop to interiors.


Coordinating Colors of Teal Blast 2039-40

Coordinating colors are hues that complement and balance the primary color, enhancing its beauty and allowing it to shine.

For Teal Blast 2039-40, colors such as OC-67 Ice Mist—a soft, almost ethereal white; OC-68 Distant Gray—a neutral, gentle gray; BM 1583 Silver Crest—a light gray with a hint of blue; and BM 2136-30 Amazon Green—a rich, jungle-inspired green, serve as ideal companions.

Ice Mist provides a crisp contrast, Distant Gray complements with a subtle similarity, Silver Crest introduces a lighter, softer tone, and Amazon Green intensifies the natural essence.

To this palette, add BM 2050-60 Arctic Blue, a pale, sky-inspired blue; BM 2127-40 Wolf Gray, a balanced mid-tone gray; and HC-144 Palladian Blue, a soft blue with a greenish touch that aligns well with the tranquility of Teal Blast 2039-40.


How Does Lighting Affect Teal Blast 2039-40?

Lighting can dramatically influence the appearance of colors. Teal Blast 2039-40, under artificial light, may appear more subdued, with its grey undertones becoming prominent, offering a more conservative charm. Natural light unveils its vibrancy, allowing the color to shift and play throughout the day.

North-facing rooms may cast the color in a cooler light, emphasizing its blue-green essence. In contrast, south-facing rooms can bring out a touch of warmth in the color, even though it remains predominantly cool.

East-facing light will make Teal Blast 2039-40 appear more greenish in the morning light, while west-facing rooms will endow it with a bluer hue during sunset. Thus, the interaction of Teal Blast 2039-40 with light becomes a dynamic visual experience.


LRV of Teal Blast 2039-40

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) measures the percentage of light a color reflects. Teal Blast 2039-40, with an LRV of 46, sits in the mid-range spectrum, not too light, not too dark. This value indicates that while it can reflect a moderate amount of light, it still has the capacity to add depth and intensity to a room.

An LRV of 46 means that Teal Blast will offer a substantial presence on walls, absorbing more light than it reflects, which can make spaces feel more intimate and enveloping.


Trim Colors of Teal Blast 2039-40

Trim colors are the accents that frame and define spaces, highlighting the architecture and complementing the wall colors. For Teal Blast 2039-40, shades of white can serve as the perfect trim, providing a crisp boundary that can make the teal stand out.

Whites such as OC-149 Decorator’s White, a clean, bright white; OC-65 Chantilly Lace, a pure white with no undertones; and OC-17 White Dove, a soft warm white, all from the same brand, can elegantly offset the depth of Teal Blast, each bringing a different nuance to the relationship between wall and trim.


Colors Similar to Teal Blast 2039-40

Understanding similar colors is important for substitutions, complementary schemes, and understanding the color’s character. BM 2042-40 Miami Green offers a vibrant, tropical feel; BM 614 St. Patty’s Day presents a bold, clover green depth; BM 2044-40 Amelia Island Blue carries a lighter, more azure blue; BM 2045-40 Bahama Green echoes the richness of island waters.

Each shade, while akin to Teal Blast 2039-40, provides its unique take that can be used to harmonize or provide contrast within a design scheme.


Colors That Go With Teal Blast 2039-40

Combining colors harmoniously can create a unified and appealing design. Colors from Benjamin Moore that complement Teal Blast 2039-40 include HC-143 Wythe Blue, a calming blue-green; BM 2062-20 Gentleman’s Gray, a bold, deep blue; BM 2122-50 Iceberg, a refreshing pale blue; HC-172 Revere Pewter, a balanced gray with warm undertones; and OC-52 Gray Owl, a soft, versatile gray.

Each color can support and enhance the vibrancy and depth of Teal Blast 2039-40, offering a palette that can be mixed and matched to create a visually coherent and appealing space.

Teal Blast 2039-40’s versatility allows it to adapt across various rooms and design styles. It can inject a lively splash of color in modern and contemporary settings, especially when used as an accent wall in living rooms or bedrooms. This shade also fits well within the serene palette of a Scandinavian-style space, bringing in a touch of nature’s tranquility.

In bohemian interiors, pairing it with eclectic furnishings and global textiles can highlight its playful yet sophisticated side. For a more traditional look, use it in dining rooms or entryways with classic wainscoting to create an elegant contrast. Industrial spaces can benefit from this color too, using its dynamic hue against exposed brick or metal finishes.


How to Use Teal Blast 2039-40 in the Bedroom?

In the bedroom, Teal Blast 2039-40 serves as a perfect backdrop for a restful retreat. It can be the main color for walls, offering a soothing atmosphere that promotes sleep. Pair it with crisp white bedding and soft textures to create a serene oasis. For a more dramatic effect, use it on a feature wall behind the bed and complement with darker furniture pieces.

If the goal is to maintain a light and airy space, apply Teal Blast 2039-40 in the form of accents like throws, pillows, or art. It’s a color that pairs well with both natural light and the soft glow of bedside lamps, making it an ideal choice for this personal space.


How to Use Teal Blast 2039-40 in the Bathroom?

In bathrooms, Teal Blast 2039-40 can bring a spa-like feel, especially when combined with natural elements like wood and stone. Painting all walls in this hue creates an immersive experience, reminiscent of a tranquil lagoon. Alternatively, use it on cabinetry or a vanity for a chic focal point, paired with brushed nickel or brass hardware for an extra touch of elegance.

For smaller bathrooms, incorporate Teal Blast in the form of towels or a shower curtain to add vibrancy without overwhelming the space. It’s a color that resonates with cleanliness and refreshment, making it a natural fit for a bathroom setting.


How to Use Teal Blast 2039-40 in the Living Room?

Teal Blast 2039-40 can transform a living room into a dynamic and inviting space. Use it on an accent wall to create a striking backdrop for artwork and furniture. It pairs beautifully with velvet textures and metallic finishes for a look that’s both opulent and contemporary. In minimalist living rooms, Teal Blast 2039-40 can add depth and interest without clutter.

For a cohesive look, draw the color into throw pillows and area rugs. Its cool undertones can balance sun-filled rooms, making it a perfect hue for both lively social gatherings and peaceful relaxation.


How to Use Teal Blast 2039-40 for an Exterior?

For exteriors, Teal Blast 2039-40 makes a bold statement. It can energize front doors or shutters, setting a welcoming tone against neutral siding. For a coastal vibe, pair it with sandy beiges or crisp whites. In more lush landscapes, Teal Blast can harmonize with the greens of nature, standing out without clashing.

When used in exterior elements, this color should be balanced with more subdued hues to avoid overwhelming the senses. It’s an excellent choice for adding personality to your home’s facade, especially when used thoughtfully in accents and trim.


How to Use Teal Blast 2039-40 in the Kitchen?

Teal Blast 2039-40 in the kitchen can create a vibrant and appetizing environment. It’s a refreshing choice for a kitchen island or as a backsplash, providing a pop of color amongst white or wood cabinetry. Pairing Teal Blast with marble countertops and stainless steel appliances can offer a luxurious feel. For a retro vibe, combine it with pastel appliances and checkerboard floors.

Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, using this cheerful color can stimulate conversation and culinary creativity. It’s important to balance it with neutral tones to ensure the space remains inviting and not overly saturated.


How to Use Teal Blast 2039-40 on the Kitchen Cabinets?

Teal Blast 2039-40 on kitchen cabinets can be a showstopper. It’s a modern alternative to traditional wood or white finishes. When applied to lower cabinets, it anchors the space with a sense of depth and sophistication. Pair with upper cabinets in a lighter shade to keep the kitchen feeling open and bright.

For a cohesive design, incorporate accents in the same color, like vases or dishes on open shelving. Teal Blast cabinets are a daring choice, but they can pay off beautifully, giving the kitchen a unique and personalized touch that’s both contemporary and timeless.


Comparing Teal Blast 2039-40 With Other Colors

Comparing different colors is crucial in design because it offers a visual understanding of how hues interact with each other, and with the space they occupy. It helps in discerning the subtle differences between shades that may seem similar at first glance but can have varied effects on mood, perceived size of a room, and how other colors in the space are enhanced or subdued.

Comparison also allows for a more informed selection process, ensuring that the chosen colors align with the desired aesthetic, meet functional needs, and create a harmonious palette that resonates with the personal style of the inhabitants.

Teal Blast 2039-40 vs. BM 2039-70 Refreshing Teal

Comparing Teal Blast 2039-40 with BM 2039-70 Refreshing Teal brings out the complexity of teal as a color. While Teal Blast has a balanced medium tone that combines the calming properties of blue with the natural vitality of green, Refreshing Teal leans more towards the lighter, airier side of the spectrum.

Refreshing Teal has a higher light reflectance value, making it a better choice for creating a breezy and uplifting environment. It’s more suited for spaces that aim for a more open and serene feel, whereas Teal Blast, with its deeper tone, is ideal for crafting a more dramatic and intimate space.


Teal Blast 2039-40 vs. BM 2039-60 Seafoam Green

Teal Blast 2039-40 and BM 2039-60 Seafoam Green showcase the diversity within the green-blue family. Seafoam Green offers a softer, more pastel approach that can make spaces feel more expansive and restful. In contrast, Teal Blast provides a richer, more saturated pop of color that stands out with confidence.

Seafoam Green is well-suited for spaces that aim for a delicate, airy feel, such as nurseries or light-filled sunrooms. Teal Blast, however, is the go-to for a more anchored look that would complement spaces that benefit from a statement color, such as dining rooms or accent walls.


Teal Blast 2039-40 vs. BM 2039-50 Mermaid Green

Teal Blast 2039-40 beside BM 2039-50 Mermaid Green highlights the playful versus the poised aspects of teal. Mermaid Green has a whimsical, vibrant personality that seems to bring a joyful, youthful vibe to interiors. It’s a color that can inject life into a space without overwhelming it. Teal Blast, being darker, exudes a more sophisticated energy.

It is suited for an environment that requires depth and focus, offering a sense of stability and elegance that Mermaid Green’s lighter, brighter tone may not achieve. This makes Teal Blast a better choice for formal areas or spaces designed for focus and reflection.


Teal Blast 2039-40 vs. BM 2039-30 Cabana Green

Teal Blast 2039-40 and BM 2039-30 Cabana Green paint two very different pictures of a teal-inspired space. Cabana Green has a lively, tropical feel that is perfect for an upbeat, casual environment. It carries the essence of summer and works well in spaces with abundant natural light.

Teal Blast, with its greater depth, can create a more enveloping feel, ideal for a cozy den or an elegant office. While Cabana Green is more whimsical and playful, Teal Blast offers a grounded and tranquil ambiance, better suited for creating a sophisticated backdrop.


Teal Blast 2039-40 vs. BM 2039-20 Emerald Isle

When placed side by side, Teal Blast 2039-40 and BM 2039-20 Emerald Isle show the breadth of the teal spectrum. Emerald Isle is a bold, jewel-toned shade that conveys luxury and vivacity. It’s a statement color that demands attention and is often used in spaces designed to impress, like formal living rooms or dining areas.

In contrast, Teal Blast’s less intense saturation gives it a more versatile application, allowing it to be used in both lively and tranquil settings. It can support a space as an accent or stand alone as a primary color without the risk of overpowering the room.


Teal Blast 2039-40 vs. BM 2039-10 Deep Green

Teal Blast 2039-40 and BM 2039-10 Deep Green epitomize the range from mid-toned to the depths of the color green. Deep Green is a robust and intense color, reminiscent of the dense foliage of a forest, perfect for creating a moody and dramatic atmosphere. Its high saturation makes it suitable for large rooms or as an accent in a neutral space.

Teal Blast, being lighter, can be more forgiving in smaller spaces and offers a balance between boldness and subtlety. It’s a color that can maintain the room’s energy without making it feel closed in or too dark.



In conclusion, the act of comparing colors such as Teal Blast 2039-40 with other hues is more than an exercise in aesthetics; it is a critical step in design that informs the functional and emotional impact of a space. Each color comparison reveals a unique facet of Teal Blast, positioning it as a flexible color that can range from being a vibrant focal point to a subtle backdrop, depending on its surrounding palette.

This exploration through different colors demonstrates the importance of context in interior design and underscores the transformative power of color in shaping the character and mood of an environment.

Whether one seeks the energy of a Cabana Green or the depth of a Deep Green, Teal Blast 2039-40 holds its own as a versatile and dynamic choice, adaptable to a variety of design needs and personal styles.

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