Jasper SW-6216 Paint Color By Sherwin-Williams

All you need to know before using this paint in your home

When you decide to refresh your home interior or exterior (or both) and start getting ready for the upcoming paintwork, it is important to choose the color that will be applied correctly.

It is not enough to just make sure that the color you select will match the rest of the colors in your home. You also need to be aware of certain color nuances in order to pick the right shade.

In this article, we will describe and discuss a beautiful, and yet rather complicated green color of the Sherwin-Williams brand – a deep and mysterious Jasper color. You will find out what kind of color it is and what undertones it has.

Also, we will tell you more about the way this color reacts to light. Finally, we will provide you with coordinating colors and trim colors so that you know how to create the most harmonious color palette in your home.

And of course, you will learn what rooms will benefit from having Sherwin-Williams Jasper paint color on their walls.


What Color Is Jasper By Sherwin-Williams?

To make it clear at once, Jasper SW-6216 by Sherwin-Williams is a green color. But when you take a look at it for the first time (especially in a can of paint), you might think it is black! As Encycolorpedia says, this color is very deep! So if you really like dark and dramatic colors more than neutral and muted ones, you will definitely enjoy using this green in your home.

But you should not be afraid of its depth! Although we said this color might seem nearly black, it’s not the kind of green that reads literally like black on the walls. You can still see the green in it which is pretty prominent, especially in a well-lit room.

Some of you might think now that this color is hard to use in your home since it is so dark, but in fact, SW Jasper is pretty versatile!

This classic and dramatic green color can be very helpful if you want to bring depth to your home’s interior spaces, as well as exterior facades. It will also work nicely on your doors and other areas and surfaces in your home.

This rich and noble shade of green can even be used in your kitchen! Moreover, feel free to try it on cabinetry and pair it with light-hue countertops.

SW Jasper color will look really great with creamy white tiles, and black, gold, or brass metallic accents, such as handlers, hangers, etc. So as you can see, even despite being rather dark, this shade of green still offers you plenty of options where to use it in your home.


What Are Jasper SW-6216 Undertones?

Even though this paint color may seem very simple due to its depth, it is not like that in fact. This is why you should still learn more about its undertones that tend to “hide” unless they get the right lighting. If this happens, some very unexpected shades may come out, turning the initial color into something completely different!

Speaking of Sherwin-Williams Jasper paint, this deep and classic green color has almost blue undertones. This feature makes this color read a very little bit cool-toned, but the trick is that this coolness is so slight that you almost don’t notice it!

So you should not expect this green read cold-toned green on your walls. Rather it will read half-warm and half-cool, depending on the lighting in a space.


LRV of Jasper SW-6216 Undertones

The way the paint color reacts to light can help you understand what rooms it is best to be used in. Also, being aware of this information will allow you to choose the most suitable color since paint colors don’t read the same in a can/on a sample and on the wall.

When speaking of the way certain paint colors react to lighting, we need to consider what is called a light reflectance value, or LRV. This is the ability of the color to reflect light which affects the final shade we see on the walls.


As for the Jasper paint color by the Sherwin-Williams brand, its light reflectance value is 4 (though you may find information that says it is 3.5). It means that the color is rather dark and reflects little light when it is applied to the wall.

See, the LRV scale ranges from zero to 100 where zero stands for black color and 100 stands for pure white color respectively. So the higher the LRV of a paint color the lighter this color is on the wall.

In simple words, you should not expect SW Jasper read lighter even if you apply it in a room filled with daylight! Even in the brightest lighting, this green will still read dark, it will just reveal a more noticeable greenish hue.

This is the very basic description of the color, of course, but even with this little information, you will be able to better understand what you should expect from this absolutely awesome and rich romantic green.


LRV – what does it mean? Read This Before Finding Your Perfect Paint Color

SW Jasper Coordinating Colors

If you want a well-balanced and harmonious color palette in your home, you need to be able to choose and pair paint colors considering their shades, undertones, warmth, etc.

For this purpose, it makes sense to pay attention to the so-called coordinating colors that are used with the major paint color on the walls.

For SW Jasper paint color by Sherwin-Williams as the major wall color in your home, you will want to use one of the following colors that are considered coordinating:

  • SW Drift of Mist
  • SW Utaupeia
  • SW Window Pane

What’s the Best Trim Color For SW Jasper?

When it comes to choosing the most suitable trim color for your walls, white is typically the optimal color option used for the trims in home interior design. Depending on the major color, you might also want to use either cooler tones of white, or stick to the off-whites instead.

With such a rich and deep green as Sherwin-Williams Jasper, white is also the optimal trim color. For example, you can use such white colors as:

  • White Flour
  • Chantilly Lace
  • High Reflective White

Paint Colors Similar to SW Jasper

It is always good to keep a few alternative shades in mind when you are up to any home renovation or painting projects. You might want to change the wall color suddenly, for example. Or, perhaps, the color you initially choose appears to be not quite suitable and well-matching for your furniture upholstery.

No matter the reason, having a few alternative color options in mind is a good idea. The problem is that most of us are not very knowledgeable about colors, which is why we can only think of one or two similar shades. But this might not be enough!

What we suggest you do is check out a list of several green colors that are similar to SW Jasper. There are both lighter and darker options so you will be able to choose the one that suits you most of all:

  • SW Rookwood Shutter Green
  • SW Night Watch
  • SW Roycroft Bottle Green
  • SW Ripe Olive
  • SW Foxhall Green
  • SW Laurel Woods

Some of these green colors are a bit lighter whilst others are somewhat darker than SW Jasper. Also, you can find more muted shades of green on this list. It all allows you to choose the alternative color easily depending on your needs.


Сolors That Go With SW Jasper

Sometimes you may find it difficult to find the most suitable paint colors to pair with such a rich color as SW Jasper. However, thanks to this color’s versatility, you can use it successfully with several light neutrals if you want to create a more balanced color palette in your home.

So if you don’t want all the interiors to be dark green, we recommend you take the following colors into consideration:

For a monochromatic color scheme, use such colors as:

  • SW Rocky River
  • SW Halcyon Green
  • SW Underseas

For a complementary color palette, opt for the following colors instead:

  • SW Retreat
  • SW Sea Salt

For the analogous color palette, the following colors might be handy:

  • SW Still Water
  • SW Rock Garden
  • SW Shade-Grown

Now you know way more about this magnificent green. So with all this in mind, you can now see how it might work in different rooms of your home.


Where to Use Jasper SW-6216 In Your Home?

A great thing about this shade of green is that it is surprisingly versatile despite being rather dark and deep. You might think that it is hard to find a suitable place in your home to use it, but you are wrong.

SW Jasper can be successfully incorporated into almost any room no matter the overall style of your home. You only need to pay attention to the lighting there in order to tell in advance how this green will read on the walls.

Jasper SW-6216 in the Living Room

If you want your living room to look classy, use SW Jasper without hesitation. This color is rich enough but at the same time, it’s not too light. That means you will get a very deep and romantic green on your walls, but without the excess warmth in it.

Of course, to show its best, this color needs plenty of daylight and a lot of space. This is why we’d not recommend Jasper for small or poorly lit living rooms. This color can only make them look smaller and darker.


Jasper SW-6216 in a Bedroom

This deep green might not be a common option for your bedroom, but if you’re into something unusual and noble, try it and you won’t regret it! Since this color has cool undertones, it will not read warm, which means you won’t see the yellowish hue that warm greens often have. Instead, you will get a tranquil and calming deep green color that looks absolutely timeless!


Kitchen with Jasper SW-6216 Paint Color

If you want to try this color in your kitchen, consider its size. In a small space, this shade of green may play a bad trick on you, making your kitchen even smaller than it actually is.

So you’d better opt for this paint if you have a spacious and well-lit kitchen that needs some color accents. By adding a bit of drama with an accent wall or even just a backsplash painted this noble green, you will make the entire space look more interesting.


Bathroom and Jasper SW-6216

Green is not a traditional color for bathrooms, but SW Jasper can become an exception. The way this green might work in your bathroom is pretty much the same as the way it works in your kitchen.

If the bathroom you have is spacious and has plenty of light, you might want to try and paint it all green. However, we’d recommend you only use this deep green on an accent wall or cabinets/drawers/vanity to not overload the space with the color.


Jasper SW-6216 for the Exterior Use

Sherwin-Williams Jasper paint color can also be used as an exterior paint so don’t hesitate to use it on your exterior walls. It works well in both sunny areas and areas with cloudy/rainy weather.

The amount of daylight will affect the way the color reads of course, but you will still not see any dramatic distinctions. The only difference that might be is that the color could read with a slightly more visible bluish hue in it.


SW Jasper And Other Paint Colors

You surely know that there are so many shades of each paint color even within the same brand! So no wonder it is rather difficult for a non-professional to see the difference between them.

This is why we recommend you check out the comparative description of SW Jasper and a few other greens of different brands. Like that, it will be easier for you to make the right choice.

Jasper vs Vogue Green

Although both colors are classified as greens, they look completely different! SW Jasper reads much deeper and darker compared to Vogue Green. Also, their undertones become very prominently distinct: Jasper shows its blue undertones whilst Vogue Green reads warmer and greener.


Jasper vs Succulent

Both these colors have blue undertones but they show them differently. SW Succulent shows very noticeable blue undertones and a bit less of green, whilst Jasper’s blue undertones are pretty hard to notice. In addition, SW Succulent is much lighter than Jasper.


Jasper vs Quietude

SW Quietude has a slight tint of gray undertones, exhibiting a pastel-like appearance. On the contrary, Jasper reads very dark green with a tiny hint of blue in it. Nevertheless, the colors look way too different to be able to pair harmoniously.


Jasper vs Studio Blue Green

These two can hardly work together in the same room and this is why: Studio Blue Green has noticeably bluish undertones with a slight hint of green whilst Jasper reads very dark and deep with a hard-to-notice blue in it. Besides, since these colors have different LRV values, they won’t be able to pair well.


Jasper vs Greenblack

These two look pretty much alike. SW Greenblack reads like black, but the green makes it feel a bit cozier. Besides, the LRV of Greenblack is 4 which makes it very close to Jasper! Finally, both colors are cool-toned.

Considering all these similarities, you won’t be able to use both colors in the same space but you can successfully use them as substitute colors for each other!


Well, now you know more about an awesome green color called Jasper by the Sherwin-Williams brand. You know what color it is and what LRV it has.

You also know what undertones come with this shade of green and how they might affect the way the color reads on the walls. Finally, now you can tell how this green might work and read in different rooms and how it will work with other colors.


Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Are Jasper and Jasper Stone by Sherwin-Williams the same colors?

No, they are different colors. They have different LRV and undertones, and Jasper Stone is much lighter than Jasper.

⭐Can Sherwin-Williams Jasper paint be used on cabinets?

Yes, you can paint your cabinets this color, especially if the walls of the room are white.

⭐Can I use Greenblack instead of Jasper?

Definitely! These two are great substitute colors for each other since they have nearly the same LRV and undertones.

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