Sky Fall SW 9049 Paint Color by Sherwin-Williams

Experience the tranquility this color brings and learn more about its nuances

A world of color awaits anyone embarking on a home decorating journey, with each shade and tint offering a unique blend of personality and emotion. Among the many colors vying for attention, there’s one that stands out due to its calming, serene nature, evoking the tranquility of the heavens above – SW 9049 Sky Fall.

This article delves into the depths of this ethereal hue, exploring its undertones, coordinating colors, and potential applications in your home.

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What Color Is SW 9049 Sky Fall?

SW 9049 Sky Fall is a soft, subtle hue, capturing the serenity and quiet beauty of a misty, overcast day. It’s a medium-light shade of cyan-blue, with a delicate blend of gray undertones that gives it an almost muted feel. The color, reminiscent of the sky on a serene fall morning, offers a soothing respite from more intense, vibrant colors and creates a peaceful, tranquil atmosphere.

At first glance, SW Sky Fall may seem simply like a calming blue, but further inspection reveals a depth and complexity that adds to its unique allure. There is a certain understated elegance and sophistication to this color that makes it a versatile choice for various interior and exterior applications.

It’s a color that can seamlessly blend into the background while still adding a touch of color and personality to a space.

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Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

SW 9049 Sky Fall is a cool color. Like many shades of blue and gray, it falls on the cooler side of the color spectrum. This makes it an excellent choice for creating calm, serene spaces. Cool colors are known for their ability to recede into the background and give the illusion of space, making SW Sky Fall a good choice for smaller rooms that you want to make appear larger.

Undertones of SW 9049 Sky Fall

Undertones play a critical role in how we perceive color. They are the subtle color nuances that become apparent under different lighting conditions or when placed beside other colors. They can affect whether a color appears more warm or cool and can significantly influence how well colors coordinate with each other. Understanding the undertones of SW Sky Fall helps find colors that will harmoniously blend with it.

  • Blue: As a cyan-blue, the primary undertone of SW Sky Fall is, unsurprisingly, blue. This gives the color its calming, tranquil essence.
  • Gray: The second undertone is gray, which tempers the blue and gives SW Sky Fall its soft, muted quality.
  • Green: There’s a faint hint of green in SW Sky Fall that adds an additional layer of depth to the color.

Coordinating Colors of SW 9049 Sky Fall

Coordinating colors are those that work harmoniously together to create a balanced and cohesive look. They can be different shades of the same color (monochromatic), or they can be colors that are next to each other on the color wheel (analogous) or even colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel (complementary).

The right combination of coordinating colors can enhance the main color, provide contrast, create a mood, or draw attention to specific elements in a room. For SW Sky Fall, we recommend the following coordinating colors:

  1. SW 6798 Iceberg (CHECK A SAMPLE): A lighter and slightly more vibrant blue, Iceberg complements SW Sky Fall by enhancing its serene qualities without overpowering it.
  2. SW 7626 Zurich White (CHECK A SAMPLE): This muted off-white shade pairs well with SW Sky Fall, adding brightness and contrast without starkness.
  3. SW 9015 They Call It Mellow (CHECK A SAMPLE): This warm, light yellow balances the cool tones of SW Sky Fall, bringing warmth and cheerfulness to the palette.
  4. SW 6258 Tricorn Black (CHECK A SAMPLE): A bold and dramatic black, Tricorn Black contrasts sharply with Sky Fall, providing a striking, contemporary edge.
  5. SW 6073 Perfect Greige (CHECK A SAMPLE): A balanced mix of gray and beige, Perfect Greige adds a warm neutral to the palette that harmonizes well with SW Sky Fall.
  6. SW 7551 Greek Villa (CHECK A SAMPLE): This slightly warm white pairs perfectly with SW Sky Fall, enhancing its cool, tranquil qualities without competing for attention.

How Does Lighting Affect SW 9049 Sky Fall?

Lighting has a significant impact on how we perceive color. In the case of SW Sky Fall, natural daylight can make it appear slightly bluer, emphasizing its tranquil, calming qualities. On the other hand, under artificial lighting, depending on the type, SW Sky Fall might appear grayer. Warm light tends to bring out the warmer undertones in color, so SW Sky Fall could seem a bit greener under incandescent lighting.

Moreover, the direction of light in a room can also affect color perception. In a north-facing room with cooler, indirect light, SW Sky Fall might appear a bit darker and more muted. Conversely, in a south-facing room with warm, direct light, it could look slightly lighter and more vibrant.

LRV of SW 9049 Sky Fall

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of paint color is a measurement of how much light it reflects versus how much it absorbs. SW 9049 Sky Fall has an LRV of 51, putting it in the medium range. This means it balances between reflecting a moderate amount of light and absorbing it, providing a soft luminosity without being overly bright.

Colors with higher LRVs will appear lighter and can make a room feel larger and more open. In contrast, colors with lower LRVs absorb more light, which can make a room feel smaller and cozier. With an LRV of 51, Sky Fall is versatile – it can help open up a small space without making it feel stark, but it also won’t overpower a larger room.

An understanding of LRV can help you make more informed color choices depending on the specific needs of your space. For example, if you have a small room with minimal natural light, you might choose a color with a high LRV to help the room feel larger and brighter. Conversely, in a large, bright room, a color with a lower LRV can add depth and coziness.

LRV – what does it mean? Read This Before Finding Your Perfect Paint Color

Trim Colors of SW 9049 Sky Fall

Trim colors, typically applied to moldings, door and window frames, and other architectural details, are an essential aspect of any color scheme. They help define the lines and shapes within a space, providing contrast and highlighting architectural features.

In addition, they can help balance the wall color and create a cohesive look throughout the room. The right trim color can significantly enhance the overall aesthetic and feel of a space. For SW Sky Fall, the optimal trim colors would be the following:

  • SW 7005 Pure White (CHECK A SAMPLE): As a pure, bright white, this color provides a crisp contrast to SW Sky Fall, highlighting architectural features without competing with the wall color.
  • SW 7566 Westhighland White (CHECK A SAMPLE): This warm off-white subtly complements the coolness of SW Sky Fall, creating a soft, harmonious look.
  • SW 7012 Creamy (CHECK A SAMPLE): A slightly yellow-toned white, Creamy brings out the subtle green undertone in SW Sky Fall, providing a warm contrast.

Colors Similar to SW 9049 Sky Fall

Knowing colors similar to SW 9049 Sky Fall is crucial for a variety of reasons. If you love the color but need options in different brightness levels or slightly different undertones, this knowledge comes in handy. Also, if SW Sky Fall is not quite right for your space, but you love its general feel, exploring similar colors can lead you to the perfect fit. You might want to check out the following colors, for example:

  • Behr Horizon Haze
  • BM Rhythm And Blues (CHECK A SAMPLE)
  • PPG Horizon Haze
  • Valspar Hydrangea Blue

Colors That Go With SW 9049 Sky Fall

Using colors that look good together in the same room is vital in creating a harmonious, balanced aesthetic. When colors complement each other, they create a cohesive design that feels intentional and pleasing to the eye.

  • SW 6106 Kilim Beige (CHECK A SAMPLE): This warm, neutral beige provides a soothing contrast to SW Sky Fall’s cool tranquility.
  • SW 9173 Shiitake (CHECK A SAMPLE): A rich, earthy taupe, Shiitake offers an elegant contrast that enhances SW Sky Fall’s refined elegance.
  • SW 6235 Foggy Day (CHECK A SAMPLE): This is a darker shade of cyan blue that harmonizes with SW Sky Fall for a cohesive, monochromatic look.
  • SW 6358 Creamery (CHECK A SAMPLE): A creamy white, it offers a subtle, warm contrast to Sky Fall’s cool undertones.
  • SW 9168 Elephant Ear (CHECK A SAMPLE): A muted, medium-dark brown, SW Elephant Ear provides a warm, grounding contrast to SW Sky Fall’s airy lightness.
  • SW 9171 Felted Wool (CHECK A SAMPLE): This gray with warm undertones offers a soft, neutral accompaniment to SW Sky Fall.

How to Use SW 9049 Sky Fall In Your Home?

SW Sky Fall is a highly versatile color that can be used in a variety of rooms and with many different interior design styles. Its tranquil nature makes it an excellent choice for bedrooms and bathrooms, creating a calming, serene atmosphere that encourages relaxation. At the same time, its subtle sophistication allows it to work well in more formal spaces, such as dining rooms or living rooms.

SW Sky Fall is also a fantastic choice for exterior use, creating a calm, inviting facade that blends beautifully with natural surroundings. With its medium LRV, it strikes a balance between being noticeable without being too bold.

In terms of design styles, SW Sky Fall can work well with a range of them. It fits perfectly into coastal and beachy styles with its serene, sea-like vibe. It can also complement Scandinavian styles with its cool, muted quality. And in more traditional or country-style homes, it adds a touch of refined elegance.

How to Use SW 9049 Sky Fall in the Bedroom?

SW Sky Fall is an excellent choice for a bedroom, offering a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere that’s perfect for rest and relaxation. Its cool undertones can make the space feel larger and more airy, creating a sense of calm.

Pair it with soft, creamy whites for the trim and ceiling to add contrast and highlight the room’s architectural features. Use warm neutrals and soft fabrics for bedding and drapery to balance the cool tones of the wall color and create a cozy, welcoming vibe.

A Sky Fall bedroom can also incorporate darker accents to add depth and interest. Consider adding a feature wall in a darker shade of blue or gray or using a rich, dark wood for the furniture. Metallic accents in gold or brass can add a touch of luxury and warmth to the space.

How to Use SW 9049 Sky Fall in the Bathroom?

In a bathroom, SW Sky Fall can create a spa-like ambiance. Its cool, calming hue can make the space feel clean and refreshing. Pair it with glossy white tiles, a white vanity, and chrome fixtures for a crisp, modern look. Alternatively, use warmer elements such as wood or brass to add warmth and balance the coolness of the Sky Fall.

For a more dramatic look, consider using a darker accent color in the tile work or vanity. Dark blues, grays, or even blacks can add depth and contrast, creating a striking, contemporary aesthetic.

How to Use SW 9049 Sky Fall in the Living Room?

In a living room, SW Sky Fall can create a serene, inviting environment that’s perfect for relaxation or entertaining guests. Pair it with a bright white trim to define the space and add contrast. Use warm neutral colors for the upholstery and add pops of brighter colors in accents such as throw pillows or artwork to keep the room from feeling too cool.

For a more modern, sophisticated look, pair Sky Fall with darker, richer colors. A dark gray or blue sofa, rich wood furniture, and metallic accents can create a refined, elegant aesthetic.

How to Use SW 9049 Sky Fall for an Exterior?

SW Sky Fall is an excellent choice for exterior color, providing a soft, serene facade that’s both welcoming and elegant. It pairs beautifully with white or cream trim and darker roof colors. Use warm neutrals for the front door or shutters to add contrast and interest.

SW Sky Fall also blends beautifully with natural surroundings. In a lush, green landscape, it can create a calming, tranquil environment. In a coastal setting, it can evoke the serenity of the sea, blending seamlessly with the blue of the sky and the water.

How to Use SW 9049 Sky Fall for the Kitchen

In a kitchen, SW Sky Fall can create a calm, serene environment. Pair it with white cabinets for a crisp, clean look, or go for a more dramatic contrast with dark wood or black cabinets. Add warmth with wood floors or a butcher block countertop.

Alternatively, for a modern, sleek look, pair SW Sky Fall with stainless steel appliances and glossy white countertops. Add pops of color with colorful appliances, dishware, or a colorful backsplash.

Comparing SW 9049 Sky Fall With Other Colors

SW Sky Fall’s unique blend of cyan-blue and gray undertones sets it apart from other colors. Compared to more vibrant blues, it has a soft, muted quality that gives it a calming, tranquil essence. When compared to grays, it has a hint of color that adds depth and personality.

Yet, despite its unique qualities, SW Sky Fall maintains a versatile nature that allows it to work well with various other colors. Its cool undertones allow it to pair beautifully with other cool colors, while its subtle complexity allows it to harmonize with warmer hues as well. Here you can read how this blue color looks compared to other colors.

SW 9049 Sky Fall vs. SW 9061 Rest Assured

This shade is another serene blue-green color, although it’s a touch darker and slightly more saturated than Sky Fall. When compared side by side, you can see how Sky Fall (CHECK A SAMPLE) presents a softer and more muted appearance, while Rest Assured packs a slightly stronger visual punch. Both colors carry the tranquility of a blue sky, but the choice between them depends on whether you prefer a more subdued or more vibrant ambiance in your space.

SW 9049 Sky Fall vs. SW 6218 Tradewind

SW Tradewind (CHECK A SAMPLE) is a mid-tone blue with soft gray undertones, making it a bit more grayish compared to Sky Fall. Side by side, the cool, ocean-like tranquility of Tradewind contrasts slightly with the softer, sky-inspired serenity of Sky Fall, offering a slightly different feel while still maintaining an overall soothing effect.

SW 9049 Sky Fall vs. SW 6507 Resolute Blue

This color is a deeper, more saturated blue that veers towards a teal undertone. When compared with Sky Fall, it brings a stronger, bolder energy that can make Sky Fall appear more subtle and tranquil. This pairing showcases the versatility within the blue color spectrum, from the muted calm of Sky Fall to the bold vibrancy of Resolute Blue (CHECK A SAMPLE).

SW 9049 Sky Fall vs. SW 6243 Distance

SW Distance is a deep (CHECK A SAMPLE), dark blue that is significantly more saturated and darker than Sky Fall. Its deep sea-like quality provides a stark contrast to the light, airy vibe of Sky Fall, illustrating how one color family can yield very different moods and effects based on saturation and brightness.

SW 9049 Sky Fall vs. SW 7058 Magnetic Gray

This medium to dark gray shade with subtle blue undertones offers a neutral alternative to Sky Fall. Comparing the two shows how the addition of blue can change the feel of color, as SW Sky Fall presents a more calming, serene ambiance compared to the more neutral, versatile feel of Magnetic Gray (CHECK A SAMPLE).

SW 9049 Sky Fall vs. SW 7064 Passive

SW Passive (CHECK A SAMPLE) is a light gray with cool blue undertones. When compared to Sky Fall, it is much more subdued and leans more toward the gray spectrum. This comparison emphasizes Sky Fall’s distinct blue-green personality and the calming effects of this color.


SW 9049 Sky Fall is a color of quiet beauty and serene elegance. Its tranquil hue captures the serenity of a peaceful sky, offering a calming respite in any space. Whether used in a bedroom to create a relaxing haven, in a living room to offer a serene space for entertaining, or on an exterior to create a welcoming facade, Sky Fall brings a sense of peaceful sophistication.

Balancing its cool undertones are its subtle complexities – a blend of blue, gray, and a hint of green that gives it depth and versatility. This allows it to pair beautifully with a wide range of colors, from soft neutrals to bold blacks.

Whether you’re looking to create a calming, serene environment or a sophisticated, elegant space, SW 9049 Sky Fall offers a world of possibilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What kind of mood does SW 9049 Sky Fall create in a room?

Sky Fall is a calming and serene color that can make a room feel tranquil and peaceful. It is reminiscent of a clear, cloudless sky, bringing a sense of openness and freshness into the space.

⭐What are some good coordinating colors for SW 9049 Sky Fall?

Great coordinating colors for Sky Fall include lighter hues like SW 6798 Iceberg and SW 7626 Zurich White, and warmer tones like SW 9015 They Call It Mellow. These colors can help balance the cool tones of Sky Fall and provide a harmonious color palette.

⭐What type of lighting works best with SW 9049 Sky Fall?

With its medium-light LRV of 51, Sky Fall is quite versatile and adapts well to both natural and artificial lighting. However, it shines brightest under abundant natural light, where its soothing blue tones come to life. It also works well with warm artificial lighting that can offset its cool undertones.

⭐Where can I use SW 9049 Sky Fall in my home?

Sky Fall is versatile enough to be used in any room of the home. It works especially well in bedrooms, bathrooms, and living spaces, where its calming vibe can promote relaxation. It's also a great choice for kitchen cabinets for a fresh, inviting look.

⭐What trim colors work well with SW 9049 Sky Fall?

Lighter shades of white, such as SW 7005 Pure White, make excellent trim colors for Sky Fall, providing a crisp, clean contrast that lets the color stand out. Other good options include slightly warmer whites to balance Sky Fall's cool tones.

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