Functional Gray SW 7024 Paint Color by Sherwin-Williams

Functional and fashionable: exploring the color and its abilities

The gray color is often misunderstood as bland or dull. Yet, in the world of interior design, gray has emerged as a cornerstone color, offering a palette of nuances, subtleties, and elegance. One such example is SW 7024 Functional Gray by Sherwin-Williams, a color that embodies versatility, sophistication, and an understated sense of chic.

In the vast spectrum of grays, Functional Gray makes its mark by being exactly what its name suggests – functional.

Let’s delve into the depths of this color, explore its qualities, and discover why it’s a favorite for homeowners, designers, and painters alike.

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What Color Is SW 7024 Functional Gray?

SW 7024 Functional Gray is a mid-tone gray, beautifully poised between light and dark extremes. It’s like the tranquil evening sky just before twilight sets in when the world is cloaked in an atmosphere of calm and serenity. It is a color that brings to mind the elegance of polished concrete, evoking a sense of urban sophistication and modern charm.

Despite its name, Functional Gray is anything but basic. It is a color with depth, a color that sets the stage for a plethora of design possibilities.

The beauty of Functional Gray is its adaptability. It has the unique ability to shift and change, creating different impressions in varying settings. It is understated yet prominent, a perfect backdrop for any design narrative. This gray isn’t just functional; it is also visually compelling, offering a nuanced palette that can shape a space, create mood, and define style.


Is It a Warm Or Cool Color?

SW 7024 Functional Gray leans towards being a cool color, yet it beautifully straddles the line between cool and warm. This versatility is one of the reasons why it’s such a popular choice for interiors. While it retains the crispness and sophistication typically associated with cool colors, it also embodies a subtle warmth that allows it to pair well with a broad range of other hues, from warm whites to vibrant yellows.

Undertones of SW 7024 Functional Gray

Understanding the undertones of color is essential as they subtly influence how we perceive the main color. With SW 7024 Functional Gray, you can observe:

  1. Blue Undertone: This undertone cools the gray, steering it away from any earthiness. It enables SW Functional Gray to shine in rooms with a lot of natural light, where the blue undertone can give a tranquil, peaceful feel.
  2. Green Undertone: The hint of green gives Functional Gray an organic touch, softening its coolness without making it warm. It allows the color to blend beautifully with natural materials such as wood and stone.
  3. Purple Undertone: This slight undertone adds a touch of sophistication and luxury. It comes to the fore in certain lighting conditions, giving Functional Gray a nuanced, elegant appeal.

These undertones are not stark but subtly present, they affect the way we see Functional Gray, enriching its depth and adaptability. They’re the secret ingredients that make this color uniquely versatile and universally appealing.

Coordinating Colors for SW Functional Gray

Sherwin-Williams Functional Gray (SW 7024) is a sophisticated, versatile hue that fits in a wide range of settings. For coordinating colors, here are three suggestions we can offer you:

  1. SW 7029 Agreeable Gray – This is a lighter, softer gray that can create a gentle transition from Functional Gray.
  2. SW 6270 Soulmate: Sherwin-Williams’ Soulmate is a complex purple-gray hue that exudes an air of elegance and tranquility. The depth of this color offers a serene and sophisticated atmosphere, making it ideal for rooms designed for relaxation or thoughtful reflection.
  3. SW 6035 Gauzy White: Gauzy White by Sherwin-Williams is a soft, subtle white with a whisper of gray undertones. Its light and airy quality creates a bright, clean look, enhancing the sense of space and providing a calm backdrop for any design.

Here are also three additional colors that can coordinate SW Functional Gray very well:

  1. SW 7019 Gauntlet Gray: SW Gauntlet Gray is a deep, warm gray with subtle brown undertones that give it a rich and inviting feel. Regarding coordinating with SW 7024 Functional Gray, it serves as a darker, more dramatic complement. Its similar undertones keep the color palette consistent, while its deeper saturation provides contrast, adding depth and visual interest to the room.
  2. SW 7014 Eider White: Eider White is a lighter shade that contrasts against the darker Functional Gray, highlighting architectural features and creating depth in the space. Its cool undertones harmonize with those in Functional Gray, creating a seamless blend of colors.
  3. SW 7037 Balanced Beige: Balanced Beige shares similar undertones with Functional Gray, which helps maintain a consistent color palette and smooth transition between areas. Its warmth can offset the cooler tones of Functional Gray, creating a balanced, harmonious feel.

How Does Lighting Affect SW 7024 Functional Gray?

Lighting plays a vital role in how Functional Gray is perceived. Natural light highlights its coolness, bringing out the blue undertone and giving the color a crisp, airy feel. Artificial light, particularly warm white light, can bring out the subtle warmth in Functional Gray, lending it a cozy, inviting aura.

In a room with less natural light, Functional Gray may appear darker and more pronounced, whereas in a room bathed in sunlight, it will look lighter and softer.

This shifting quality makes Functional Gray a dynamic and adaptable choice for various spaces and moods.

LRV of SW 7024 Functional Gray

Light Reflectance Value (LRV) measures the percentage of light a color reflects. Functional Gray has an LRV of 37. In simple terms, this means that it reflects about 37% of the light that falls on it. What does this mean in a practical sense?

An LRV of 37 makes Functional Gray a mid-tone color. It is not so light that it washes out in brightly lit spaces, nor so dark that it absorbs too much light in dimmer spaces. This balance makes it a flexible choice for spaces with varying light conditions.

Moreover, an LRV of 37 means that Functional Gray has a significant presence. It is strong enough to serve as a primary color in a room but not so overpowering that it dominates the space. This LRV allows Functional Gray to assert its personality without becoming overwhelming, making it a popular choice for designers.

LRV – what does it mean? Read This Before Finding Your Perfect Paint Color

Trim Colors of SW 7024 Functional Gray

The right trim color can accentuate Functional Gray’s sophistication. Here are three Sherwin-Williams shades of white that pair excellently:

  • SW 7008 Alabaster: This warm, subtle white provides a pleasing contrast, highlighting Functional Gray’s cooler aspects while providing a warm balance.
  • SW 7006 Extra White: A brighter, crisper white, Extra White gives a modern, clean edge to Functional Gray, accentuating its sleekness.
  • SW 7012 Creamy: This off-white with a slight yellow undertone offers a soft contrast, harmonizing beautifully with the subtle warmth in Functional Gray.

Trim colors frame and accentuate a wall color, playing an important role in creating a cohesive design narrative. Choosing the right trim color for Functional Gray ensures its unique undertones and character are showcased to their best advantage.

Colors Similar to SW Functional Gray

The following colors are similar to SW 7024 Functional Gray. They might vary slightly in undertones and saturation but should overall give a similar feel:

  1. SW 7030 Anew Gray – A slightly warmer gray but still close to Functional Gray.
  2. SW 7023 Requisite Gray – This color is another beautiful gray with similar undertones to Functional Gray.
  3. SW 7045 Intellectual Gray – This is a bit deeper and richer but still maintains a similar gray feel.

Remember, it’s always a good idea to test these colors out in your specific lighting conditions before committing, as colors can look different depending on the light quality and surrounding colors.

Colors That Go With SW 7024 Functional Gray

SW Functional Gray’s adaptability allows it to harmonize with a variety of colors. Here are six examples:

  1. SW 6050 Abalone Shell: This soft, warm pink adds a touch of femininity and warmth, complementing Functional Gray’s coolness.
  2. SW 6244 Naval: A deep, rich navy blue brings out Functional Gray’s blue undertone, creating a sophisticated, cohesive look.
  3. SW 6172 Hardware: This warm, muted brown provides a grounding earthiness that contrasts and complements Functional Gray’s modern edge.
  4. SW 7002 Downy: A light, warm white that helps Functional Gray to pop, adding brightness to a space.
  5. SW 6186 Dried Thyme: A muted, sage green that harmonizes with Functional Gray’s subtle green undertone, creating a natural, organic feel.
  6. SW 6344 Peach Blossom: A soft, inviting peach that contrasts with Functional Gray, adding warmth and vitality.

Using colors that look good together is critical in creating a visually appealing and cohesive design. By choosing colors that complement Functional Gray, you can create a stunning palette that enhances the look and feel of a room.

How to Use SW 7024 Functional Gray In Your Home?

The beauty of SW 7024 Functional Gray lies in its versatility and adaptability. It can effortlessly blend into a range of rooms and interior design styles. Its elegant neutrality makes it suitable for contemporary, modern, industrial, and even farmhouse styles. It can seamlessly flow from room to room, tying together different elements and styles in a house.

SW 7024 Functional Gray in the Bedroom

Functional Gray is a wonderful choice for a bedroom, thanks to its calming undertones. Its subtle blue hue evokes a tranquil atmosphere, making it an ideal color for a room designed for relaxation and rest. Pair it with soft, light fabrics and rustic wood elements for a chic, modern farmhouse aesthetic.

In contrast, teaming Functional Gray with more vibrant colors or statement pieces can result in a modern, edgy look. The color’s versatility makes it a fantastic backdrop for a gallery wall or contrasting against bold bedding and accent pieces. Functional Gray allows these elements to shine without overwhelming the space.

SW 7024 Functional Gray In the Bathroom

Functional Gray brings sophistication and depth to a bathroom, creating a spa-like retreat. It pairs beautifully with marble, accentuating its natural patterns and adding a touch of luxury. Complement this with brushed nickel or chrome fixtures to enhance its cool undertones.

Alternatively, for a warmer look, combine Functional Gray with warmer woods and gold-toned hardware. This combination creates a more inviting, cozy atmosphere while still maintaining an air of elegance and chic. It proves how versatile Functional Gray can be, adapting to both cool and warm palettes.

SW 7024 Functional Gray In the Living Room

In a living room, Functional Gray can bring about a contemporary, sleek feel. It’s a perfect backdrop for displaying artwork or vibrant decorative pieces, providing a subtle contrast that allows these elements to pop. Complement it with modern furniture and crisp white trim for a polished look.

For a more comfortable, inviting vibe, pair Functional Gray with earthy, warm tones and natural materials like wood or leather. The green undertone of the color comes alive, providing an organic touch that softens the room’s overall look, perfect for a cozy family living room.

SW 7024 Functional Gray For an Exterior

Functional Gray is also an excellent choice for exterior walls. Its durability and adaptability to various light conditions make it a perfect canvas against landscapes. Its mid-tone nature helps it to elegantly blend with natural surroundings, enhancing curb appeal.

It’s especially stunning when contrasted with bright, white trim or used alongside natural stone elements. This creates a timeless, sophisticated look. To add warmth, pair it with wooden elements, like a front door or shutter. Functional Gray manages to be both neutral and striking, a balance that lends itself perfectly to exterior design.

SW 7024 Functional Gray In the Kitchen

Functional Gray can transform a kitchen into a sleek and modern space. Paired with glossy white countertops and stainless steel appliances, it provides a stylish, contemporary look. At the same time, it can handle vibrant pops of color from kitchenware or a tile backsplash.

Alternatively, for a more traditional or rustic kitchen style, use Functional Gray alongside warm wood tones. This will bring out the color’s warmth and work harmoniously with wooden countertops, flooring, or bar stools. It proves that Functional Gray isn’t just for contemporary styles; it’s equally at home in a warm, rustic setting.

SW 7024 Functional Gray For Kitchen Cabinets

When used on kitchen cabinets, Functional Gray is both stylish and practical. Its ability to hide minor scuffs or stains makes it a sensible choice. At the same time, it can make a striking design statement, lending a modern feel to your kitchen when paired with brushed steel handles and white countertops.

On the other hand, if you’re aiming for a more classic look, pair Functional Gray cabinets with a light marble countertop and gold hardware. The gray and gold make for a luxurious combination, and the marble adds a timeless appeal. This shows that Functional Gray can adapt to a variety of aesthetics, solidifying its position as a true chameleon color.

Comparing SW 7024 Functional Gray With Other Colors

Comparing colors is crucial in interior design as it enables you to understand how different hues interact, influence each other, and ultimately affect the overall aesthetic of a space. The right color combinations can create harmony, provide contrast, set mood, and define style.

Comparisons give a better insight into a color’s undertones, its performance under different lighting conditions, and how it could potentially transform when paired with other colors.

Functional Gray (SW 7024) vs. Pure White (SW 7005)

SW Pure White is a crisp, clean white that offers a striking contrast against Functional Gray. When these two colors are paired together, Functional Gray’s cool undertones are emphasized, making spaces appear fresh, modern, and airy. This pairing is perfect for creating a modern, minimalist design.

Functional Gray (SW 7024) vs. Mindful Gray (SW 7016)

Mindful Gray is a lighter, softer gray with warmer undertones. Compared to Functional Gray, it can feel more inviting and less formal. Pairing these two colors together can provide a layered, tonal look that adds depth and interest to a room.

Functional Gray (SW 7024) vs. Naval (SW 6244)

Naval is a deep, rich navy that creates a striking contrast with Functional Gray. The deep blue hue of Naval brings out the subtle blue undertones in Functional Gray, creating a cohesive, sophisticated color scheme. This combination is ideal for spaces where a dramatic, impactful aesthetic is desired.

Functional Gray (SW 7024) vs. Peppercorn (SW 7674)

Peppercorn is a darker, more intense gray with a touch of warmth. When paired with Functional Gray, it creates a dramatic and contemporary feel. The difference in depth between the two colors can add visual interest and allow for a more dynamic design.

Functional Gray (SW 7024) vs. Agreeable Gray (SW 7029)

Agreeable Gray is a warmer, lighter gray that contrasts and complements Functional Gray beautifully. The warm undertones of Agreeable Gray can soften the cooler feel of Functional Gray, making spaces feel more cozy and inviting. This combination is perfect for creating a harmonious, welcoming environment.

Functional Gray (SW 7024) vs. Tricorn Black (SW 6258)

Tricorn Black is a bold, deep black that provides a strong contrast to Functional Gray. The stark difference between the two colors adds drama and depth, making Functional Gray appear lighter and softer. This pairing is perfect for creating bold, impactful designs.


SW 7024 Functional Gray is much more than its name suggests. It’s a chameleon color, adaptable, versatile, and sophisticated. Its unique blend of undertones and a perfect balance of cool and warm elements make it a go-to choice for various design narratives. The beauty of Functional Gray lies not just in its neutrality but also in its depth and versatility.

It’s a color that makes a statement while quietly serving as a backdrop for life’s daily happenings. Whether it’s a modern loft, a cozy family room, or a sophisticated home office, Functional Gray brings a touch of understated elegance and functionality to any space. The truth is, in the world of color, Functional Gray isn’t merely functional – it’s absolutely essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What undertones does SW 7024 Functional Gray have?

SW 7024 Functional Gray has subtle blue, green, and brown undertones. These undertones add depth to the color and can be brought out depending on the lighting and the colors used alongside it.

⭐Is SW 7024 Functional Gray a warm or cool color?

Although gray is typically considered a cool color, SW 7024 Functional Gray is a balanced gray. It contains both warm and cool undertones, which makes it versatile and able to fit into both warm and cool color schemes.

⭐What are some good trim colors for SW 7024 Functional Gray?

Good trim colors for Functional Gray include SW 7008 Alabaster, SW 7006 Extra White, and SW 7012 Creamy. These shades of white provide a crisp contrast to Functional Gray and help to highlight its unique undertones.

⭐What is the Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of SW 7024 Functional Gray?

The Light Reflectance Value (LRV) of SW 7024 Functional Gray is 37. This means it reflects about 37% of light, making it a mid-tone color. It is neither too light to wash out in brightly lit spaces nor too dark to absorb too much light in dimmer spaces.

⭐In which rooms does SW 7024 Functional Gray work best?

SW 7024 Functional Gray is a versatile color that can work well in a variety of rooms. It can create a tranquil atmosphere in bedrooms, add sophistication in living rooms, and offer a sleek look in kitchens. It can also be used on exterior walls to enhance curb appeal.

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Functional Gray paint color SW 7024 by Sherwin- WilliamsFunctional Gray paint color SW 7024 by Sherwin- Williams