Smoky Blue SW-7604 Paint Color by Sherwin-Williams

A detailed guide that will reveal all the nuances this color has

People often tend to avoid blue colors in their homes since blue is believed to be a tricky color to use. If it’s more or less clear how to pair neutral colors or how to work with beiges/greiges, blue might require a more precise approach.

But today, we would like to prove that blue colors can play exceptionally well in any home interior. Read on to learn more about one of the most awesome blue-gray colors of the Sherwin-Williams brand called Smoky Blue.

You will learn what kind of color it is, how it reads in different rooms and different lighting, and how to coordinate it correctly. We will also explain what LRV this blue has and how it may affect how the color looks in your home.

What Kind of Color Is Smoky Blue SW-7604?

If you take a look at SW Smoky Blue, you will see that this paint color is a gorgeous medium dark-toned blue. It also has a slight gray undertone that keeps it from feeling too bright.

As Encycolorpedia says, this color is categorized as a blue-gray since it does have some gray tones to it, and it doesn’t read as glaringly bright blue. Since this color is pretty dark, it will not reflect much light.

Because of this, you might want to use it in bigger rooms with plenty of natural light and avoid using it in smaller rooms with dim light.

As we have already mentioned, SW Smoky Blue has gray undertones that make this color pleasantly deep and dark, thus keeping it far enough from the darkest edge of the scale. Knowing what undertones are hidden in paint color is essential since it helps you to predict how this paint will read on the walls.

With gray undertones that are perfectly balanced, SW Smoky Blue makes your space feel calm, composed, and relaxed. Due to gray undertones, you should not expect this color to add that refreshing and cool vibe to your rooms since it does read quite bold and dark!

LRV of Smoky Blue SW-7604

For Smoky Blue, the LRV is 15. And that means this color falls on the darker end of the scale, like a bold and deep blue. With an LRV value of 15, this color will not reflect a lot of light.

As a result, it might not be the best color choice if you need to make the room look more spacious. However, it will somehow make your space feel smaller and cozier, so you should consider SW Smoky Blue if your goal is to make an overly large-sized room more proportionate.

Also, LRV affects how this blue will read in different types of light. With ample incoming light, it will feel lively and homely. But at the same time, you need to take into consideration the directions of the room. For north and east-facing rooms, the incoming cool light will make this blue read crisp. On the other hand, in the south and west-facing rooms, the color will appear slightly warmer.

In addition, you must always consider other factors that may impact this color. For example, it may read differently depending on the existing flooring, views of the windows, upholstery, curtains, etc.

LRV – what does it mean? Read This Before Finding Your Perfect Paint Color

What Coordinating Colors Does SW Smoky Blue Paint Have?

To create a harmonious color palette in your home, knowing coordinating colors is a must. They will allow you to pick up the colors for each room more wisely. For SW Smoky Blue, you should use the following colors to coordinate it:

  • SW Ice Cube
  • SW Egret White
  • SW Yellow Bird
  • SW Evening Shadow
  • SW Dockside Blue
  • SW Poolhouse
  • SW Lucent Yellow

They will help you to create a varied and interesting space filled with color that reads balanced. Also, you might want to try cool whites, mustards, sakura pinks, bronze, and lighter blues with this color.

What Is the Best Trim Color to Use With Smoky Blue SW-7604?

White is considered a universal trim color because it suits most other palette colors. For SW Smoky Blue, white will also be the win-win trim color option. You just need to make sure that the shade and tone of the white you choose match this blue well.

For example, you might want to try either SW Alabaster or SW High Reflective White on your trim.

Similar Colors to Use Instead of SW Smoky Blue

Similar colors help you ensure that you can always find the most suitable shade of color you want to use on your walls. You might suddenly want to adjust your “color settings” and use a lighter or darker color. Or perhaps you sample the color and see that it doesn’t work well enough with the rest of the room’s palette. In any case, you will need a couple of alternative colors to try instead of it.

For SW Smoky Blue, you might want to try these blues as similar colors to use them interchangeably:

  • SW Needlepoint Navy
  • SW Thousand Oceans

These blues are the closest matches for SW Smoky Blue, so there should not be a big difference for you and for the space you use it.

Colors That Go With Smoky Blue SW-7604

Depending on what type of palette (monochromatic, complementary, or triad) you want to have in your home, you should opt for different colors to use with the paint color on the walls. If you have SW Smoky Blue as a wall color, below you can check the color suggestions to pair with it for different color schemes.

For a monochromatic palette:

  • SW Dabonair
  • SW Niebla Azul
  • SW Waterloo
  • SW Reflection

For a complementary color palette:

  • SW Blustery Sky
  • SW Stardew
  • SW Cavern Clay
  • SW Persimmon

For a triad color palette:

  • SW Slate Tile
  • SW Special Gray
  • SW Sawdust
  • SW Rice Grain

Where to Use This Blue Color In Your Home?

Although SW Smoky Blue is quite a dark color that depends on light and may read differently in distinct rooms, it is still very versatile! You can use it in quite many areas of your home. The only thing you have to keep in mind is the surrounding colors and the lighting.

Smoky Blue SW-7604 in the Living Room

In living rooms, you can use this deep blue with gray undertones on the accent wall and pair it with creamy or crisp whites, depending on the vibe you want to create. Also, you can always add natural materials like rattan, wicker, and cane, along with bamboo, for an organic vibe.

Besides, natural textures like these will soften the color a bit, making it read less reserved and more lively instead. Lastly, for a lively and airier feel, consider adding off-white shag rugs and sheer curtains.

Smoky Blue SW-7604 and Bedroom

A splash of SW Smoky Blue on the accent wall behind the headboard will add style and chic to your bedroom. If you paint all the walls blue, avoid the room turning too dark by using sheer white curtains, off-white linen upholstery, white rugs, and other textiles.

Also, you can make the space read cozier and more lively by adding some pink and coral (e.g., on vases, table lamps, and throw pillows).

Bathroom with Smoky Blue SW-7604

This color might be too dark for your bathroom, but it doesn’t mean you can’t use it. You can paint your vanity sink or cabinets with SW Smoky Blue or use it as an accent wall color. Just remember to use more whites to make the space read airy and large!

Smoky Blue SW-7604 and Kitchen

SW Smoky Blue makes a lovely statement in the kitchen. It will work even better if you use this color on the lower cabinets and crisp white on the upper. Furthermore, if you have gold or brass pull handles and drawers, leave them like that since they will look excellent with this deep blue!

Smoky Blue SW-7604 for the Exterior Use

This paint works well for Coastal, Traditional, and Contemporary homes on the exterior, adding a sophisticated vibe. You can also use bold white or gray for the trims, moldings, door, and window frames. Or, for contrast, you can add SW Smoky Blue only on the doors, using white and gray for the other exterior elements.

Comparing Smoky Blue SW-7604 With Other Colors

Smoky Blue vs. Waterloo

Both colors are blue and dark, but SW Waterloo is darker and reads deeper than SW Smoky Blue. Also, compared to SW Smoky Blue, the Waterloo paint color reveals greenish undertones whilst its counterpart looks much bluer, with gray undertones being unnoticed.

Smoky Blue vs. Hale Navy

SW Hale Navy is much darker than SW Smoky Blue. In fact, this deep and dark blue also has gray undertones, but it reads much more intense, creating a significant contrast with the Smoky Blue color. We’d not recommend these two in the same space since they will overload it with color!

Smoky Blue vs. Slate Tile

These colors have gray undertones, but unlike SW Smoky Blue, SW Slate Tiles reads deep blue with very obvious grey undertones. This is why it is considered a cool paint color. In general, SW Slate Tile looks a bit “muddy” compared to its bluer “cousin”.

Smoky Blue vs. Storm Cloud

Sherwin-Williams Storm Cloud is a blue paint with deep gray undertones. But compared to the Smoky Blue color, it reads lighter and somewhat grayer. So if you are looking for a significantly lighter version of the Smoky Sky, you might like SW Stormy Cloud.

Smoky Blue vs. SW Distance

SW Distance is a cool-toned, deep, and comforting blue with denim and gray undertones that give this hue a subtle depth. Compared to it. SW Smoky Blue reads a bit darker, and some even say it reveals a slight greenish hue!

This is all we wanted to share with you today on the beautiful and chic blue color called Smoky Blue. Now you know what kind of blue it is, how it reads in the space, and what colors it goes with best of all.

With this information, as well as knowing the color’s LRV and coordinating colors, you will easily incorporate it into your interior!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Does SW Smoky Blue have pronounced gray undertones?

It doesn’t. The color typically doesn’t read gray or even noticeably grayish on the walls.

⭐Is SW Smoky Blue a popular color?

It can’t be called a trendy color, but it reads beautifully in homes, so it’s worth trying!

⭐Does SW Smoky Blue work well with wooden elements in a room?

Yes, this shade of blue looks nice with wooden furniture and floors.

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Smoky Blue SW 7604 Color ReviewSmoky Blue SW 7604 Color Review